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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide to the Collections: Prints

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide to the Collections: Prints

A. Hyatt Mayor
34 pages
57 illustrations
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Mayor provides a succinct, but comprehensive, account of printmaking and its development, from Medieval woodcut to lithography, with each method exemplified by samples from the Museum's collections. By providing detailed description of printing techniques as they progress, with corresponding examples, this manual serves a twofold purpose: it gives the history of the medium and displays the Met's superb collection of prints from Dürer to Daumier and beyond.

Madonna and Child, Anonymous, German, Augsburg, 15th century  German, Woodcut, hand-colored, borders added by hand
Anonymous, German, Augsburg, 15th century
ca. 1460–70
The Angels of the Euphrates Killing Mankind; and The Angel Preventing Saint John from Recording the Words of the Seven Thunders, from an "Apocalypse" blockbook, second edition, Anonymous, Netherlandish, 15th century  Netherlandish, Woodcut printed in brown ink
Anonymous, Netherlandish, 15th century
Girolamo Savonarola
October 24, 1495
De Re Militari (On the Military Arts), Roberto Valturio  Italian, Printed book with 82 woodcut illustrations impressed by hand; illuminated initials and descriptive captions also added by hand
Multiple artists/makers
St. John the Baptist in the Desert, Master ES  German, Engraving; second state
Master ES
15th century
Virgin and Child with an Apple, Martin Schongauer  German, Engraving
Martin Schongauer
ca. 1475
Battle of the Nude Men, Antonio Pollaiuolo  Italian, Engraving
Antonio Pollaiuolo
ca. 1470–90
Battle of the Sea-Gods (right portion of frieze), Andrea Mantegna  Italian, Engraving
Andrea Mantegna
ca. 1485–88
The Four Horsemen, from "The Apocalypse", Albrecht Dürer  German, Woodcut
Albrecht Dürer
Footsoldier with Halberd, Lucas Cranach the Elder  German, Woodcut
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Multiple artists/makers
July 9, 1539
The Peasant (or Ploughman), from "The Dance of Death", Hans Holbein the Younger  German, Woodcut
Hans Holbein the Younger
Hans Lützelburger
ca. 1526, published 1538
Maximilian I, Lucas van Leyden  Netherlandish, Etching and engraving
Lucas van Leyden
Mercury descending from the sky a trumpet in his right hand, after Raphael's fresco in the Chigi Gallery of the Villa Farnesina in Rome, Marcantonio Raimondi  Italian, Engraving
Marcantonio Raimondi
Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio or Santi)
Young shepherd seated in a landscape looking toward an old man in the lower right, buildings in the background and a tree and mountain at left, Giulio Campagnola  Italian, Engraving (stipple)
Giulio Campagnola
ca. 1509–12
Multiple artists/makers
Diogenes, seated before his barrel, reading from a book, a plucked hen standing behind him at right, Ugo da Carpi  Italian, Chiaroscuro woodcut printed from four blocks in gray-green ink
Ugo da Carpi
Parmigianino (Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola)
ca. 1527–30
Multiple artists/makers
ca. 1514–15 (published 1549)
I quattro libri dell'architettura di Andrea Palladio, Andrea Palladio  Italian, Printed book with woodcut illustrations
Multiple artists/makers
Virgin and Child, Parmigianino (Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola)  Italian, Etching with engraving and drypoint printed in brown; second state of four
Parmigianino (Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola)
ca. 1527–30
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