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Greek Art From Prehistoric to Classical: A Resource for Educators

Greek Art From Prehistoric to Classical: A Resource for Educators

Norris, Michael, Carlos Picón, Joan Mertens, Elizabeth Milleker, Seán Hemingway, and Christopher Lightfoot
246 pages
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This publication was designed not only to introduce the Museum's collection of Greek art to teachers and their students, but also to provide them with a general grounding in ancient Greek culture, from the prehistoric period to the end of the Classical age. Its range of resources gives educators great flexibility in engaging students of any age with the art of ancient Greece. Included are a brief history of Athens from the sixth to the fourth century B.C.; a look at key aspects of fifth-century Greek life (including myths and religion, philosophy and science, music, poetry, sports, the symposium, and warfare); discussions of Greek art, artists, materials, and the influence of Greek subjects in the art of other eras; suggested activities and lesson plans; a map of the ancient Greek world; a timeline; and a bibliography.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's teacher-training programs and accompanying materials are made possible through a generous grant from Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Rose.

Marble seated harp player, Marble, Cycladic
2800–2700 BCE
Terracotta vase in the form of a bull's head, Terracotta, Minoan
ca. 1450–1400 BCE
Agate Lentoid, Agate, Minoan
ca. 1450–1400 BCE
Terracotta stirrup jar with octopus, Terracotta, Helladic, Mycenaean
Helladic, Mycenaean
ca. 1200–1100 BCE
Bronze man and centaur, Bronze, Greek
ca. 750 BCE
Terracotta krater, Hirschfeld Workshop, Terracotta, Greek, Attic
ca. 750–735 BCE
Ivory decorative plaque, Ivory, Greek
2nd half of 7th century BCE
Terracotta cosmetic vase, Terracotta, East Greek
East Greek
4th quarter of the 6th century BCE
Bronze mitra (belly guard), Bronze, Greek, Cretan
Greek, Cretan
late 7th century BCE
Terracotta dinos (mixing bowl), Polyteleia Painter, Terracotta, Greek, Corinthian
ca. 630–615 BCE
Bronze head of a griffin, Bronze, Greek
third quarter of the 7th century BCE
Marble stele (grave marker) of a youth and a little girl, Marble, Greek, Attic
Greek, Attic
ca. 530 BCE
Lion felling a bull, from a marble pediment, Marble, Parian, Greek, Attic
Greek, Attic
ca. 525–500 BCE
Terracotta Panathenaic prize amphora, Euphiletos Painter, Terracotta, Greek, Attic
ca. 530 BCE
Bronze Herakles, Bronze, Greek
last quarter of the 6th century BCE
Terracotta amphora (jar), Berlin Painter, Terracotta, Greek, Attic
ca. 490 BCE
Bronze mirror with a support in the form of a draped woman, Bronze, Greek, Argive
Greek, Argive
mid-5th century BCE
Marble grave stele of a little girl, Marble, Parian, Greek
ca. 450–440 BCE
Marble statue of a wounded warrior, Marble, Roman
ca. 138–181 CE
Terracotta lekythos (oil flask), Achilles Painter, Terracotta, Greek, Attic
ca. 440 BCE
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Norris, Michael Byron. 2000. Greek Art: From Prehistoric to Classical. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art.