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Greek Art of the Aegean Islands

Greek Art of the Aegean Islands

Von Bothmer, Dietrich, and Joan R. Mertens
238 pages
234 illustrations
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The exhibition now at The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents us with a rich sampling of the splendid cultural heritage of Greece. Not only does it emphasize the diverse geographic centers of artistic production but it also covers a broad chronological span, extending from the Early Bronze Age to the Classic Period of the fifth century B.C. Many of the objects are of particular interest in that they are recent finds, which, outside of archaeological circles, are known only to those who have actually visited the National Museum in Athens, and the many different local museums throughout the Greek islands. The loan demonstrates the significant cultural interconnections among the islands as well as the wealth and variety of materials used and the lively forms that characterize so much of Greek art.

Met Art in Publication

Marble female figure, Marble, Cycladic
4500–4000 BCE
Marble head from the figure of a woman, Marble, Cycladic
2700–2500 BCE
Marble female figure, Bastis Master, Marble, Cycladic
Bastis Master
2600–2400 BCE
Silver bowl, Silver, Cycladic
ca. 3200–2200 BCE
Silver bowl, Silver, Cycladic
ca. 3200–2200 BCE
Serpentine mold for casting bead pendants, Serpentine, Minoan
ca. 1600–1400 BCE
Bronze statuette of a votary, Bronze, Minoan
ca. 1600 BCE or later
Serpentine blossom bowl, Serpentine, Minoan
ca. 1600–1450 BCE
Steatite block with intaglio motifs, Steatite, Minoan
ca. 1400–1200 BCE
Serpentine bowl with spout and handle, Serpentine, Minoan
ca. 1600–1450 BCE
Terracotta vase in the form of a bull's head, Terracotta, Minoan
ca. 1450–1400 BCE
Terracotta "basket vase", Terracotta, Helladic, Mycenaean
ca. 1400–1300 BCE
Terracotta krater with lid surmounted by a small hydria, Cesnola Painter, Terracotta, Greek, Euboean
Cesnola Painter
ca. 750–740 BCE
Bronze warrior, Bronze, Greek, Cretan
ca. 675–650 BCE
Terracotta statuette of a nude woman, Terracotta, Greek, Cretan
7th century BCE
7th century BCE
Terracotta head of a woman, Terracotta, Greek, Cretan
6th century BCE
Terracotta relief of a warrior dragging a captive, Terracotta, Greek, Cretan
ca. 540–520 BCE
2nd quarter of 6th century BCE
1st quarter of 6th century BCE
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