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Islamic art in the Metropolitan Museum: The Historical Context

Islamic art in the Metropolitan Museum: The Historical Context

Komaroff, Linda
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Linda Komaroff

Qur'an Manuscript, Main support: ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on parchment; Binding: leather; tooled
late 9th–early 10th century
Incense Burner of Amir Saif al-Dunya wa’l-Din ibn Muhammad al-Mawardi, Ja`far ibn Muhammad ibn `Ali, Bronze; cast, engraved, chased, pierced
dated 577 AH/1181–82 CE
Ewer with a Feline-Shaped Handle, Bronze; cast, chased, and inlaid with copper
7th century
Bowl with Two Facing Peacocks, Earthenware; luster-painted on opaque white glaze
second–third quarter 10th century
Panel from a Rectangular Box, Ivory; carved, inlaid with stone with traces of pigment
10th–early 11th century
Bowl with Arabic Inscription, Earthenware; white slip with black-slip decoration under transparent glaze
10th century
"Preparing Medicine from Honey", from a Dispersed Manuscript of an Arabic Translation of De Materia Medica of Dioscorides, 'Abdullah ibn al-Fadl, Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper
dated 621 AH/1224 CE
Mihrab (Prayer Niche), Mosaic of polychrome-glazed cut tiles on stonepaste body; set into mortar
dated 755 AH/1354–55 CE
Mosque Lamp for the Mausoleum of Amir Aydakin al-'Ala'i al-Bunduqdar, Glass; blown, folded foot, applied handles, enameled, and gilded
shortly after 1285
Section of a Qur'an Manuscript, `Umar Aqta', Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper
late 14th–early 15th century
Pair of Minbar Doors, Wood (rosewood and mulberry); carved and inlaid with carved ivory, ebony, and other woods
ca. 1325–30
"Funeral Procession", Folio 35r from a Mantiq al-Tayr (Language of the Birds), Sultan 'Ali al-Mashhadi  Iranian, Opaque watercolor, silver, and gold on paper
dated 892 AH/1486 CE
Blue-Ground Dish with Floral Design, Stonepaste; polychrome painted under transparent glaze
ca. 1550–60
Carpet with Triple-Arch Design, Silk (warp and weft), wool (pile), cotton (pile); asymmetrically knotted pile
ca. 1575–90
"Study of a Nilgai (Blue Bull)", Folio from the Shah Jahan Album, Mansur, Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper
verso: ca. 1620; recto ca. 1540
Carpet with Palm Trees, Ibexes, and Birds, Cotton (warp and weft), wool (pile); asymmetrically knotted pile
late 16th–early 17th century
Damascus Room, Wood (poplar) with gesso relief, gold and tin leaf, glazes and paint; wood (cypress, poplar, and mulberry), mother-of-pearl, marble and other stones, stucco with glass, plaster ceramic tiles, iron, brass
dated 1119 AH/1707 CE