"The Galleries of Islamic Art": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 23, no. 6 (February, 1965)

"The Galleries of Islamic Art"

Grube, Ernst J., and Marie Lukens Swietockowski
32 pages
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"Medieval Islamic Glass"
Marie Lukens Swietockowski

"The Art of Islamic Pottery"
Ernst J. Grube

Met Art in Publication

Bowl, Glass, yellowish; blown, applied disk foot, applied rim, blown applied decoration, applied blue decoration
7th–9th century
Flask, Glass; free blown, applied decoration, tooled on the blow-pipe
7th–8th century
Hanging Lamp, Glass, colorless with green tinge; blown, applied handles
10th–11th century
Bottle Neck, Glass; free blown
10th–11th century
Bowl with wheel-cut facets, Glass; yellow-green, Sasanian
ca. 6th–7th century CE
Bottle, Glass, colorless with yellowish tinge; blown, cut
9th–10th century
Glass Bottle, Glass; free blown, tooled and cut
10th–11th century
Bottle, Glass; mold blown
11th–13th century
Bottle with Applied Decoration on the Neck, Glass, colorless; mold blown, applied blue decoration
11th–13th century
Bowl, Earthenware; painted in color on opaque white (tin) glaze
9th century
Bowl Emulating Chinese Stoneware, Earthenware; painted in blue on opaque white glaze
9th century
Bowl with Two Facing Peacocks, Earthenware; luster-painted on opaque white glaze
second–third quarter 10th century
Bowl, Earthenware; buff slip, brown slip decoration, sgraffito,  glazed
9th–10th century
Bowl, Earthenware; glazed
10th century
Bowl, Earthenware; luster-painted on opaque white glaze under transparent colorless glaze
second half 10th century
Bowl with Eagle, Muslim Ibn al-Dahhan  Egyptian, Earthenware; luster-painted on opaque white glaze
Muslim Ibn al-Dahhan
ca. 1000
White Bowl, Stonepaste; incised under transparent glaze
12th century
Bowl with Incised Lotus Flowers, Stonepaste; incised under transparent glaze (Gombroon ware)
second half 17th century or later
Boat-Shaped Bowl with Human Head and Animals, Stonepaste; molded, opaque white glaze
late 11th–12th century
Head from a Figure with a Beaded Headdress, Fossiliferous limestone; carved, drilled
12th–early 13th century
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