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"Islamic Glass: A Brief History": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 44, no. 2 (Fall, 1986)

"Islamic Glass: A Brief History"

Jenkins, Marilyn
56 pages
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Marilyn Jenkins

Animal Flask, Glass, amber-colored; blown, applied decoration
late 7th–8th century
Bird-shaped Pendant with Brown Wings (Toy?), Glass, green; blown, applied opaque red decoration
13th century
Bowl, Glass; blown and tooled on the pontil
8th–9th century
Three-Footed Bowl, Glass, greenish-blue; blown, applied handles, feet, and trails
8th–9th century
Measuring Cup, Glass; blown, impressed; worked on the pontil
8th–9th century
Vase with Five Discs, Glass, colorless; blown, applied trail, applied stamped medallions
8th century
Bottle, Glass, bluish; blown, applied blue decoration
7th–early 8th century
Bottle, Glass; free blown with applied decoration
6th–7th century
Bottle, Glass, greenish; mold blown, tooled, and free blown
8th–9th century
Flask, Glass; mold blown
7th–8th century
Bottle, Glass; mold blown
7th–8th century
Cup with Molded Honeycomb Pattern, Glass, colorless with yellow tinge; dip-molded, blown
7th–10th century or later
Ewer with Molded Inscription, Glass, greenish; mold blown, applied handle
9th century
Bottle with Cut Design, Glass, green-blue; blown, cut
7th–8th century
Goblet with Incised Designs, Glass, bluish green; blown, applied solid stem and blown foot, scratch-engraved
8th–9th century
Cup, Glass; free blown and impressed
9th–10th century
Jar, Glass; blown, applied, with impressed decoration, tooled on the pontil
9th–10th century
Bowl, Glass, colorless with greenish tinge; mold blown, cut
8th–9th century
'Molar' flask, Glass, green; cast or blown, cut
8th–9th century
Cup, Glass, blue-green; blown, cut
9th–10th century
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