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Metropolitan Museum of Art Journal 54

"Qian Xuan’s Loyalist Revision of Iconic Imagery in Tao Yuanming Returning Home and Wang Xizhi Watching Geese"

Liu, Shi-Yee
21 pages
16 illustrations
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The Metropolitan Museum Journal is issued annually and publishes original research on works of art in the Museum’s collection. Highlights of volume 54 include conservators’ discoveries of Renaissance sculptor Andrea della Robbia’s workshop techniques; a new reading of lavishly dressed women on tile panels from 17th-century Iran; and John Singer Sargent’s decisive role in choosing his socialite sitters’ fashionable attire.

Ode on Returning Home

, Qian Xuan  Chinese, Handscroll; ink, color, and gold on paper, China
14th–15th century
Scholar viewing a waterfall, Ma Yuan  Chinese, Album leaf; ink and color on silk, China
early 13th century
Wang Xizhi watching geese, Qian Xuan  Chinese, Handscroll; ink, color, and gold on paper, China
ca. 1295
Gathering at the Orchid Pavilion, Qian Gu  Chinese, Handscroll; ink and color on paper, China

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