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Making Marvels: A Picture Album

Making Marvels: A Picture Album

Koeppe, Wolfram
48 pages
31 illustrations
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Innovation, technology, and spectacle come together in wondrous works of art and science. Embodying the creative achievements of the royal courts of Europe, the objects featured in Making Marvels demonstrate how European royalty, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, expressed status through ingeniously crafted inventions. These works, beautifully illustrated and engagingly discussed, inspired technical advances that had a vast influence on astronomy, engineering, craftsmanship, and even international politics.

Casket, Michel Redlin  German, Amber, gold foil, gilt brass, wood, silk satin, paper, German, Danzig (Gdansk)
Michel Redlin
ca. 1680
Orrery clock, Louis Thouverez  French, Cast and gilded bronze, Carrara marble, copper, brass, steel, enamel, French, Paris
Louis Thouverez
Microscope, Claude-Siméon Passemant, Gilt bronze, shagreen, tinted parchment with gold tooling, steel, brass, mahogany, mirror glass, glass, French, Paris
Claude-Siméon Passemant
ca. 1750
Portable diptych sundial, Paulus Reinman  German, Ivory, brass, German, Nuremberg
Paulus Reinman
Astronomical table clock, Jeremias Metzger  German, Case and dials: gilded brass; Movement: iron, German, Augsburg
Jeremias Metzger
Caspar Behaim (Chasparus Bohemus)
Musical Clock with Spinet and Organ, Veit Langenbucher  German, Ebony, gliding, brass, silver gilt, gilt brass, iron, various wood and metals, wire, parchment and leather, German
Veit Langenbucher
Samuel Bidermann
ca. 1625
Caricature of Engravers "à la Grecque", Jean Charles Delafosse  French, Pen and black ink with brush and gray and colored  wash over traces of black chalk
Jean Charles Delafosse
Ennemond Alexandre Petitot

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Koeppe, Wolfram, and Metropolitan Museum of Art, eds. 2019. Making Marvels: A Picture Album. New York, NY: Metropolitan Museum of Art.