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Philippe de Montebello and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1977-2008

Philippe de Montebello and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1977–2008

Various authors
184 pages
184 illustrations
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James R. Houghton


Katherine Baetjer

Note to the Reader

Dorothea Arnold, Joan Aruz, Carlos A. Picón

Medieval Europe
Peter Barnet

Europe from the Renaissance
Everett Fahy, Keith Christiansen, Walter Liedtke, Colta Ives, George R. Goldner, Ian Wardropper, Thomas P. Campbell, Dita Amory, Laurence B. Kanter

American Art
Morrison H. Heckscher

Musical Instruments
J. Kenneth Moore

Music at the Museum
Hilde Limondjian

Arms and Armor
Stuart W. Pyhrr, Donald J. La Rocca

Asian Art
Maxwell K. Hearn, James C. Y. Watt

Islamic Art
Stefano Carboni

Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
Julie Jones, Alisa LaGamma, Eric Kjellgren, Virginia Lee-Webb

The Modern Era
Gary Tinterow

Malcolm Daniel

Harold Koda

John P. O'Neill


Photograph Credits

Jean Charles Garnier d'Isle (1697–1755), Maurice Quentin de La Tour  French, Pastel and gouache on blue paper, laid down on canvas
ca. 1750
Mastaba Tomb of Perneb, Limestone, paint
ca. 2381–2323 B.C.
Recumbent Lion, Granite
ca. 2575–2450 B.C.
Two Princesses, Limestone, paint
ca. 1353–1336 B.C.
Ripe barley, Limestone, paint
ca. 1353–1336 B.C.
Ritual Figure, Wood, formerly clad with lead sheet
380–246 B.C.
Torso of a High General, Meta-greywacke
4th century B.C.
Carpenter Making a Chair, Tomb of Rekhmire, Nina de Garis Davies, Tempera on paper
ca. 1479–1400 B.C.
Cuneiform tablet: record of a lawsuit, Clay, Old Assyrian Trading Colony
Old Assyrian Trading Colony
ca. 20th–19th century BCE
Cylinder seal and modern impression: pharaoh wearing Double Crown, kneeling figures below vultures holding shn symbols; ankh, Hematite
ca. 1720–1650 BCE
Cuneiform tablet case impressed with two cylinder seals, for cuneiform tablet 66.245.5a: record of a lawsuit, Clay, Old Assyrian Trading Colony
Old Assyrian Trading Colony
ca. 20th–19th century BCE
Ensemble of Rosettes, Gold, gesso, carnelian, jasper, transparent crizzled glass, opaque turquoise glass
ca. 1479–1425 B.C.
Glass mosaic jar, Glass, Greek, probably Eastern Mediterranean
Greek, probably Eastern Mediterranean
2nd–early 1st century BCE
Glass gold-band mosaic alabastron (perfume bottle), Glass, Greek, Eastern Mediterranean
Greek, Eastern Mediterranean
1st century BCE
Glass garland bowl, Glass, Roman
late 1st century BCE
Glass oinochoe (jug), Glass, Roman
late 1st century BCE–early 1st century CE
Glass cameo fragment of a large platter or tabletop, Glass, Roman
1st half of 1st century CE
Gold finger ring engraved with an image of Hermes, Gold, Greek, South Italian, Tarentine
Greek, South Italian, Tarentine
late 4th century BCE
Gold ring with carnelian intaglio portrait of Tiberius, Gold, carnelian, Roman
ca. 14–37 CE
Pair of gold armbands, Gold, Greek
ca. 200 BCE
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Houghton, James R., and Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.), eds. 2009. Philippe de Montebello and the Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1977-2008. New York : New Haven: Metropolitan Museum of Art ; Yale University Press.