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"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2012–2014"

Various authors
96 pages
144 illustrations
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Every two years the fall issue of the Met's quarterly Bulletin celebrates notable recent acquisitions and gifts to the collection. Highlights of Recent Acquisitions 2012–2014 includes the promised gifts of the Leonard A. Lauder Cubist Collection; the lavishly illustrated manuscript known as the Mishneh Torah, by celebrated medieval philosopher Moses Maimonides; paintings by turn-of-the-century Symbolists Ferdinand Hodler and Vilhelm Hammershøi; a superb viola by Jacob Stainer, whose instruments were favored by the Bach and Mozart families; and a magnificent Roman porphyry vessel that is one of the finest to survive from Classical antiquity. This publication also honors the many generous contributions from donors that make possible the continued growth of the Met's collection.

Statuette of an Official Who is a Dwarf, Serpentinite
ca. 1961–1917 BC
Pair Statue of Neferkhawet and Rennefer, Granodiorite
ca. 1479–1450 B.C.
Face of the goddess Hathor, Lapis lazuli, gold, travertine (Egyptian alabaster)
ca. 1100–664 B.C.
Seated goddess Nephthys, inscribed for Mereskhonsu, silver, gilded
ca. 715–650 BC
Terracotta bell-krater (bowl for mixing wine and water), Painter of the Louvre Centauromachy, Terracotta, Greek, Attic
mid-fifth century BCE
Head of a lion, Gypsum plaster
400–300 B.C.
Terracotta head of a woman, Terracotta, Greek, Tarentine
Greek, Tarentine
late 4th century BCE
Terracotta group of women seated around a well head, Terracotta, Greek, Tarentine
Greek, Tarentine
2nd half of 4th century BCE
Marble head of a goddess, Marble, Greek
2nd–1st century BCE
Marble head of a horned youth wearing a diadem, Marble, Greek
3rd–2nd century BCE
Marble pillar with Neo-Attic reliefs, Marble, Roman
late 1st century BCE–early 1st century CE
Panel painting of a woman in a blue mantle, Encaustic on wood
A.D. 54–68
Porphyry vessel with bearded masks, Porphyry, Roman
ca. late 1st century BCE‒early 2nd century CE
Funerary relief, Limestone
ca. 125–150
Marble head of Demosthenes, Marble, Roman
2nd century CE
Glass head flask, Glass, blue, Roman, eastern Mediterranean
Roman, eastern Mediterranean
4th century CE
Glass snake-thread flask shaped like a mouse, Glass, blue, Roman
3rd century CE
Glass serving dish, Glass, greenish colorless, Roman
second half of the 1st–2nd century CE
Glass ribbed bowl, Glass, Roman
early 1st century CE
A pair of glass drinking cups, Glass, Roman
1st century CE
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