Recent Acquisitions 2014 2016 cover

Recent Acquisitions: A Selection, 2014–2016

Ainsworth, Maryan W., Denise Allen, Stijn Alsteens, Ian Alteveer, Joan Aruz, Peter Barnet, Andrea J. Bayer, Peter J. Bell, Deniz Beyazit, Monika Bincsik, Yaëlle Biro, Barbara D. Boehm, Andrew Bolton, Sheila R. Canby, Iria Candela, John T. Carpenter, Elizabeth Cleland, Jayson Kerr Dobney, James A. Doyle, Maryam Ekhtiar, Douglas S. Eklund, Alyce Englund, Helen C. Evans, Jennifer Farrell, Mia Fineman, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Amanda Garfinkel, Sarah B. Graff, Randall Griffey, John Guy, Navina Najat Haidar, Seán Hemingway, Marsha Hill, Alison R. Hokanson, Melanie Holcomb, Mellissa J. Huber, Timothy B. Husband, Kyriaki Karoglou, Ronda Kasl, Daniëlle O. Kisluk-Grosheide, Wolfram Koeppe, Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser, Alisa LaGamma, Donald J. La Rocca, Christian Larsen, Soyoung Lee, Denise Patry Leidy, Christopher S. Lightfoot, Charles T. Little, Mark P. McDonald, Constance McPhee, Joan R. Mertens, J. Kenneth Moore, Jeffrey Munger, Nadine M. Orenstein, Diana Craig Patch, Amelia Peck, Carlos A. Picón, Joanne Pillsbury, Stephen C. Pinson, Jessica Regan, Sabine Rewald, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Martina Rugiadi, Beth Saunders, Joseph Scheier-Dolberg, Femke Speelberg, Perrin Stein, E. Bradley Strauchen-Scherer, Pierre Terjanian, Thayer Tolles, Sheena Wagstaff, Stephan S. Wolohojian, and Sylvia Yount
96 pages
130 illustrations
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Every two years the fall issue of the Met's quarterly Bulletin celebrates notable recent acquisitions and gifts to the collection. Highlights of recent acquisitions from 2014–2016 include Charles Le Brun's Everhard Jabach (1618–1695) and His Family, a donation of nearly 1,300 works of art from East and South Asia, three hundred masterpieces of Japanese Art from the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation, more than two hundred works by American photographer Irving Penn, and Untitled (Studio) by Kerry James Marshall among many others. This publication also honors the many generous contributions from donors that make possible the continued growth of the Met's collection.

Met Art in Publication

Vessel with two zebu, Chlorite, calcite inlay
2600–2350 BCE
Upper Part of a Hippo Goddess, Indurated limestone, plaster, paint
2649–2528 B.C.
A group of stone vessels from a tomb at Haraga, Travertine (Egyptian alabaster)
ca. 1887–1750 BC
Plate with reclining zebu, Copper alloy
ca. late 3rd–early 2nd millennium BCE
Stela of Kemes, Limestone
ca. 1750–1720 BC
Face of a coffin, Wood, gesso, paint
ca. 945–712 BCE
Bes-image Rattle, Faience
ca. 945–664 BC
Stela of the Singer in the Interior of Amun, Djedbastetemtehou, from Mefkat, Limestone
ca. 690–650 BC
Gilt silver kylix, Silver-gilt, Greek
late fifth century BCE
Gilt silver kylix, Silver-gilt, Greek
late 5th century BCE
Gilt silver phiale mesomphalos, Silver-gilt, Greek
late 5th century BCE
Marble and limestone statue of an attendant, Marble and limestone, Greek, South Italian, Tarentine
late 4th or 3rd century BCE
Terracotta askos (flask with spout and handle over top), Terracotta, Greek, South Italian, Apulian, Gnathian
ca. 340–320 BCE
Amphoriskos (oil flask), Terracotta, Greek, South Italian, Apulian, Gnathian
ca. 340–320 BCE
Terracotta volute-krater (bowl for mixing wine and water), Terracotta, Etruscan
ca. 340–300 BCE
Greywacke plate, Greywacke, Roman
1st–2nd century CE
Terracotta Banquet Group, terracotta, Greek
ca. 3rd–2nd century BCE
Terracotta statuette of a goddess, Terracotta, Greek
mid to late 2nd century BCE
Exodus Painting, five elements from a painted hanging depicting the Crossing of the Red Sea, Indigo dyed open-weave linen, tempera, Byzantine
mid-2nd–mid-4th century CE
Pendant, Jadeite, pigment, Maya
7th–9th century
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