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PUNK: Chaos to Couture

Bolton, Andrew, with Richard Hell, John Lydon, and Jon Savage
240 pages
219 illustrations
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PUNK: Chaos to Couture considers the vitality of the punk aesthetic and its impact on high fashion, from the do-it-yourself ethos of punk's originators to the perfection defined by its couture descendants.

"Punk has had an incendiary influence on fashion. Although punk's democracy stands in opposition to fashion's autocracy, designers continue to appropriate punk's visual vocabulary to capture its youthful rebelliousness and aggressive forcefulness." Andrew Bolton

"Punk was like nothing anybody had seen before, like nothing. Punk was fearless. Utterly fearless."John Lydon (Johnny Rotten)

"Punk was about succeeding without any skills except honesty. Honesty isn't easy though. That's where the art, unironically, comes in." Richard Hell

"The look was at once decadent and puritan: a deliberate confusion of symbols, a living collage that served as both symptom and solution, as both windup and warning." Jon Savage

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Punk: Chaos to Couture. 2013. New York: Metropolitan museum of art.