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"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2003-2004": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 62, no. 2 (Fall, 2004)

"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2003–2004"

Adlin, Jane, Kevin J. Avery, Katharine Baetjer, Carmen C. Bambach, Elizabeth E. Barker, Thomas Campbell, Stefano Carboni, Keith Christiansen, Magdalena S. Dabrowski, Malcolm Daniel, James David Draper, Maryam Ekhtiar, Douglas Eklund, Jean Evans, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Jared Goss, Navina Haidar, Johanna Hecht, Morrison H. Heckscher, Seán Hemingway, Herbert Heyde, Lisa Hostetler, Timothy B. Husband, J. Stewart Johnson, Julie Jones, Eric Kjellgren, Harold Koda, Wolfram Koeppe, Steven M. Kossak, Alisa LaGamma, Soyoung Lee, Martin Lerner, Laurence Libin, Charles T. Little, Jessie McNab, Lisa M. Messinger, Elizabeth J. Milleker, Jeffrey H. Munger, Miyeko Murase, Nadine M. Orenstein, Elena Phipps, Stuart W. Pyhrr, Sabine Rewald, Samantha J. Rippner, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Nan Rosenthal, Perrin Stein, Anne L. Strauss, Thayer Tolles, Suzanne G. Valenstein, Ian Wardropper, James C. Y. Watt, Virginia-Lee Webb, Beth Carver Wees, and H. Barbara Weinberg
56 pages
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Director's Note

Ancient World


Medieval Europe

Renaissance and Baroque Europe

Europe 1700–1900

North America 1700–1900


Africa, Oceania, and the Americas


Donors of Gifts of Works of Art or of Funds for Acquisition of Works of Art

Figure of a seated goddess, Copper alloy, Canaanite
ca. 14th–13th century BCE
Bronze helmet of Corinthian type, Bronze, Greek
early 6th century BCE
Bronze torso from an equestrian statue wearing a cuirass, bronze, Greek or Roman
Greek or Roman
2nd century BCE–2nd century CE
Marble statue of a member of the imperial family, Marble, Roman
27 BCE–68 CE
Marble statue of a member of the imperial family, Marble, Roman
27 BCE–68 CE
Bronze helmet of Chalcidian type, bronze, Greek
5th–4th century BCE
Bronze helmet of Illyrian type, bronze, Greek
early 5th century BCE
Bronze helmet of Apulian-Corinthian type, bronze, Greek, South Italian
Greek, South Italian
mid-4th–mid-3rd century BCE
Bronze helmet of South Italian-Corinthian type, bronze, Greek
mid-4th–mid-3rd century BCE
Folio from the "Blue Qur'an", Gold and silver on indigo-dyed parchment
second half 9th–mid-10th century
Bowl with Pseudo-Inscriptional Design, Earthenware; white slip with polychrome slip decoration under transparent glaze
10th century
The Emperor Aurangzeb Carried on a Palanquin, Bhavanidas, Opaque watercolor and gold on paper
ca. 1705–20
Book of Prayers, Surat al-Yasin and Surat al-Fath, Ahmad Nairizi  Iranian, Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper<br/>Binding: lacquer
dated 1132 AH/1719–20 CE
The Adoration of the Magi, Pot-metal glass and vitreous paint, German
ca. 1290–1300
Heraldic Roundel with Saints John the Evangelist and Christina, colorless glass, silver stain, and vitreous paint, South Netherlandish
South Netherlandish
Virgin and Child, Alexander of Abingdon  British, Caen Limestone, British
ca. 1275–1325
Christ at the Column, Delli brothers  Italian, Pen with brown and black carbon ink, brush with gray wash, watercolor, and gouache on parchment; inscriptions in brown ink of a different type
ca. 1440–70
Album with Twelve Engravings of The Passion, a Woodcut of Christ as the Man of Sorrows, and a Metalcut of St. Jerome in Penitence, Israhel van Meckenem  German, Engravings, two touched with gold;  woodcut, hand-colored; metalcut, hand-colored; manuscript in dark brown ink with red, and blue initials and flourishes; bound in blind-stamped leather.
Multiple artists/makers
late 15th century
The Bearer of the Banner of the Canton Glarus, Urs Graf  Swiss, Pen and brown ink
Adam in the Garden of Eden, Naming the Animals, Joachim Wtewael  Netherlandish, Pen and black ink, brush and gray wash, heightened with white
ca. 1605–10
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