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The Roof Garden Commission: Petrit Halilaj: Abetare

Breslin, David, and Iria Candela
64 pages
49 illustrations
4.33 x 7.25 in
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Petrit Halilaj’s immersive installations express the artist’s wish to alter the course of personal and collective histories, creating complex worlds that claim space for freedom, desire, intimacy, and identity. In his first major outdoor installation, the artist explores the intersection of reality and fantasy through the rich world of children’s drawings. This volume examines Halilaj’s inspiration for the work in found inscriptions, carvings, and scribbles collected from desks at his former primary school and other schools in Eastern Europe—a record of children’s fantasies, fears, and private messages conveyed in many languages. An interview with Halilaj connects his practice with those of artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Julio González, situates this project within his broader career, and considers how memory, identity, and history present in his work. This publication reveals his new installation to be at once a story of children in a time and place marked by social and political conflict and a universal reflection on youthful imagination, hopes, yearnings, anxieties, and dreams.

Flowers, Andy Warhol  American, Acrylic and silkscreen enamel on canvas
Andy Warhol

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Breslin, David, and Iria Candela. The Roof Garden Commission: Petrit Halilaj: Abetare. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2024.