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Play Bubble Guppies: Dive into The Met

Learn more about the new game from Noggin and The Met

Apr 4, 2022

Characters from the Bubble Guppies floats in the Great Hall at The Met Museum

Noggin, Nickelodeon’s interactive learning platform, is partnering with The Met to co-develop early learning content to build creativity and critical thinking skills, and foster appreciation for different cultures and the arts in young children ages two to seven. We invite you to experience and share the first effort of this collaboration.

Bubble Guppies: Dive into The Met is an interactive game that aims to spark creativity by taking kids on a virtual field trip to the Museum, where they will explore artwork from different cultures, countries, and time periods. The game follows Mr. Grouper as he takes the bubble guppies, stars of the popular series of the same name, on a field trip to study works of art originating from Japan, Ancient Egypt, France, India, and the Netherlands. Young children can investigate, understand, and appreciate details while learning about the art through play. Then, they can explore their own artistic interests with stickers from the compositions as well as paint tools to create their own images inspired by The Met collection.

Bubble Guppies: Dive into The Met is available now on the Noggin app! Play it for free below:

Tune in on Thursday, April 7 to watch a Very Special Storytime at The Met presented in partnership with Noggin inspired by the game:

Looking for more resources to share with your young learners? Watch videos of Storytime from The Met that connect to themes explored in the games:

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