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Visit The Met, Enter the Metaverse: Introducing Replica

The Met meets Roblox in a new digital experience.

Aug 3, 2023

Animation of five Roblox characters standing in The Met in front of two sculptures with the words The Met Replica.

Here at The Met, we’re obsessed with art—and we love finding new, exciting ways to explore the Museum and our favorite artworks, whether that’s wandering the galleries or bringing art into the digital world. This summer, join us to do both!

Starting August 3, visit The Met for an exclusive opportunity to enjoy our first-ever metaverse gaming experience with Roblox. Play with five thousand years of art and bring new, art-inspired wearables into your Roblox metaverse. Perhaps you’d like to run around in Van Gogh’s straw hat from the painting Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat or maybe try out Hatshepsut’s regal headcloth.

A pair of hands holding a phone with information about Van Gogh's Self Portrait on screen

All you need is a phone and our new Replica app. Scan works of art on view at the Museum to unlock and digitally “acquire” replicas of the objects into your Roblox inventory, where your avatar can wear or accessorize with them any time!

A pair of hands holding a phone and on screen showing a rabbit and the words Replica Unlocked 25/37

Education, art and gaming come together as The Met enters the metaverse on Roblox. Come check it out! Experiencing the Replica is easy:

Six iPhones showing user interface of Replica

Step 1: Download the Replica app. This app is free to download and available on iOS and Android.

Step 2: Visit The Met and follow the in-app map and clues to guide you to artwork locations. You’ll find pieces in the Egyptian Wing, the nineteenth-century European paintings galleries, the American Wing, the Asian art galleries, and many more spaces across The Met’s two million square feet.

Step 3: Scan each artwork to unlock replicas. Pro-tip: Some have more than one item to collect!

Step 4: Using a code provided by the app, transfer the replicas you acquired on site into Roblox.

Step 5: Access your Replicas in your Roblox inventory and sport your favorite Replica items on your avatar!

Animation of a Roblox figure standing in front of The Met

After your trip to the Museum—or if you can’t make it to New York City at all—visit The Met on Roblox to explore virtual spaces inspired by the Museum itself.

Animation of a Roblox figure standing in front of a suit of armor

Wander the Great Hall and learn about each artwork and replica, create looks with your avatars that can be upvoted with friends and other Roblox users, and snap pictures in four photo booths, including a special space inspired by the beloved woodblock print The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai.

Have fun—and don’t forget to share your avatar’s outfit and experience on social media with #TheMetReplica.

Visit The Met. Enter the metaverse.

Download the app here on iOS and here on Android, and visit The Met on Roblox here.