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Detail of a concrete object with a crack running up the left side

Immaterial: Concrete

What makes concrete so controversial? Well, it’s complicated.
Close-up detail of a sheet of tan linen cloth

Immaterial: Linen

Suit up as we undress the complex legacy of linen.
Detail view of the inside of a conch shell

Immaterial: Shells

It all began with the call of the conch.
Detail of an ink and watercolor painting on paper with plants, leaves, and other organic elements

Immaterial: Paper

Get a handle on palm-sized ephemera in The Met collection.
Detail of the curves of a clay vessel with stripes of dark and light red clay

Immaterial: Clay

Touch it, smell it... eat it?
A metallic black and gold texture

Immaterial: Metals, Part Two

Let’s talk about the metals that break the rules.
Detail of the interior of a 5th-century BC bronze Chinese zhong or bell with a green patina

Immaterial: Metals, Part One

Dive into the magic of iron, bronze, lead, and copper.
Extreme close-up of a carved piece of green jade

Immaterial: Jade

How did a Māori hei tiki find its way halfway across the world to The Met?
17th century etching of two peasant card players and a skeleton representing death

Immaterial: Bonus Episode, Tarot

Grab a cup of tea and join us for a bonus episode on tarot.
The inside of a conch shell with the text

Introducing: Immaterial

Get up close and personal with artists’ materials to see what they can tell us about art, history, and humanity.

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An iPhone showing the Immaterial podcast art for Season 2 - white "Immaterial" logo text superimposed on a close-up of colorful feathers.

Season 2

Irving Penn's "The Tarot Reader (Bridget Tichenor and Jean Patchett), New York" with two women in stylist black clothing reading tarot cards with a diagram of a hand behind them