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Art and Labor

Black and white image of the actor Charlie Chaplin dressed as the tramp, a white man in overalls in this scenario and a mustache where he is trapped between massive factory cogs that he is riding while also trying to tighten the bolts with both of his hands at the same time.

A More Perfect Union: American Political Art of the 1930s

The scholar Max Fraser considers how the Great Depression spurred a decade of art influenced by leftist politics.
Colorful print of two workers drilling at the ground in front of an industrial construction setting.

The Art of the Great Depression

How did a decade of unprecedented financial strife, radical social upheaval, and technological innovation shape art and cultural identity in the United States?
Detail of the pamphlet for the Act Up Art Box, with the participating artists names and places where one could find the objects on view

A Short History of the ACT UP Art Box

"ACT UP felt like a collision of creativity, political fervor, and justifiable anger..."
Gallery view with introduction panel of Art Work Artists Working at The Met

Art Work: Artists Working at The Met

Since 1935, The Met has held a biennial exhibition of artwork submitted by staff. This year, for the first time, the show is open to the public.

Asian American Modernism with Abang-guard

Explore how four pioneering artists made their way in New York City.

The 24 Hour a Day Life of Benny Andrews, 1974

The artist, educator, and activist Benny Andrews in candid conversation about his life and work.

Fasanella, 1992

Born in the Bronx on Labor Day in 1914 to recent Italian immigrants, the self-taught American painter Ralph Fasanella is known today for his bustling tableaux of working-class city life.

Arts Awareness, 1972

“We discovered that art history was not the best handle by which to reach a kid.”

Curators' Choices, 1982

“Curator” comes from the Latin word “cura,” meaning “to take care.”

Water Stone, 1987—Installing Isamu Noguchi's Iconic Sculpture

This short documentary follows the custom installation of Isamu Noguchi’s beloved sculpture Water Stone and offers a special opportunity to witness a living artist interact with staff as their work is prepared for display.