Museum staff offer their personal perspectives on works of art in The Met collection.

Connections: Books

Chief librarian Ken Soehner on his favorite depictions of books.

Connections: Country

Paper conservator Valerie Faivre brings a French perspective on country scenes, scenes which are disappearing as more and more land is developed.

Connections: Bugs

Educator Edie Watts highlights the subtle and surprising instances where bugs are depicted throughout works in The Met collection.

Connections: Everyday

Imaging coordinator Lucy Redoglia on the celebrations of everyday life throughout history.

Connections: Intimacy

Paintings conservator George Bisacca contemplates the little details that create a feeling of familiarity in a work of art.

Connections: Touch

Curator of European sculpture and decorative arts Ian Wardropper on the profound relationship between touch and sculpture.

Connections: Reverence

Armorer Hermes Knauer reminisces about some of the beautiful objects he has rescued and on the spirituality of craftsmanship.

Connections: Olympians

Associate publisher Gwen Roginsky and her teenage daughter Ana Sofia Meneses relish the drama of the dysfunctional family that is the Olympians.

Connections: Thank You

Curator of American sculpture Thayer Tolles contemplates art created out of gratitude.

Connections: Gesture

Curator of Asian art Denise Leidy uses gesture as the key to unlocking narratives in works of art.

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