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Museum staff offer their personal perspectives on works of art in The Met collection.

Connections: Heroes

Security manager Jose Rivero contemplates the different types of hero archetypes, from comic book super heroes to religious figures.

Connections: Crocodiles

Oceanic art curator Eric Kjellgren dissects the myths and urban legends associated with the crocodile throughout the ages.

Connections: The Nose

Creative producer Masha Turchinsky on prominent noses in The Met collection.

Connections: Motherhood

Lecturer Jean Sorabella finds inspiration in idealized depictions of mothers.

Connections: Better Broken

Islamic art curator Navina Haidar extols the implications and aesthetics of the broken or incomplete.

Connections: Privilege

Art preparator Theresa King-Dickinson ruminates on the universal privilege of art appreciation.

Connections: The Tudors

Publications production manager Peter Antony revels in the drama running throughout the history of the Tudors.

Connections: Birding

Editor Dale Tucker attempts to identify the many species of birds depicted throughout The Met collection.

Connections: Greenhouse

Nineteenth-century paintings curator Rebecca Rabinow finds a way to get a taste of the outdoors inside the galleries.

Connections: Hands

Educator Alice Schwarz ruminates about how one's hands give away information about a person.

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