Plan Ahead

Visiting Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty or Van Gogh’s Cypresses?

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Disability Pride

Access Art with Met Escapes!

Former High School Intern Peter W. shares what he gained from attending a Met Escapes Gallery Tour.

#MetKids—Is There More Than One Way to See a Work of Art?

Explore new ways of looking with Nestor, age 7, and see art in a new way!

Sorrow's Universal Language

"Mary's hands crossed over her heart . . . this same gesture is found in American Sign Language." —Emmanuel von Schack, educator and ASL user

Hands: Silent Yet Speaking

"I'm moved by Saint Sebastian's bound hands as symbols of linguistic oppression." —Emmanuel von Schack, educator and ASL user

Silent Dynamism

"He's biting his fingers. I instantly recognize his tremendous suffering." —Emmanuel von Schack, educator and ASL user

Poised to Hear More

"On that other side of her ear, this whole world around the sculpture came to life." —Jennifer Morris, actor

After Victory

"When I assumed the pose of Perseus, I felt a sense of power, confidence, and strength." —Emmanuel von Schack, educator and ASL user