Representations of costume and style brought to life through the Met collection.

Episode artwork for Harlem Is Everywhere, featuring James Van Der Zee's "Couple, Harlem," with a Black couple in fur coats posing next to a cadillac

Harlem Is Everywhere: Portraiture & Fashion

What role did fashion play in the Harlem Renaissance?
a gold pectoral with coins and a pseudo-medallion that holds fourteen gold coins and two gold discs that are linked together and held by a large gold tube surrounding it.

Wearing Coins in Late Antiquity

Why were gold coins used as jewelry throughout the Byzantine Empire?
Model wearing a white silky outfit and a silver and gold embroidered jacket designed by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent: When Fashion Meets Art

On the 40th anniversary of Yves Saint Laurent’s exhibition at The Met, we revisit the connection between fashion and art.

Conserving Gallenga’s Theodosia

Follow the conservation treatment of Maria Monaci Gallenga’s “Theodosia” tea gown and learn about Gallenga’s unique vision as a textile artist and fashion designer.

Pink cover featuring wig

From Waves to Wigs

Exploring Hair History Books in The Costume Institute Library
Painting of a woman in a white dress playing the harp while a lapdog sleeps at her feet in an adorned dressing room

Coxcombs and Macaronis: Fashion, Gender, and the Canon of Art History

How artists perceived to have “feminine” traits have faced exclusion in the history of European painting.
Dress that is made with thousands of beads whose design looks like a porcelain jar.

Art Is Art. Fashion Is Fashion.

Despite Karl Lagerfeld's insistence on the separation between art and fashion, he drew inspiration from a wide range of artistic sources.
painting of a woman in a white dress wearing a broad hat sitting with a book with ribbon covering her face

The Portraits of Volker Hermes

The artist behind a series of popular photocollages discusses the signs and symbols of portraiture.
Sketch by Tadeo Ando.

On Karl Lagerfeld

The renowned architect reflects on the life and legacy of his friend.
Cart of books

Where’s Karl?

Fashion Research in The Costume Institute Library
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