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Go behind the scenes with these unique perspectives on the latest artworks to enter The Met collection.

Exhibition Tour—Manet/Degas

Join Stephan Wolohojian, John Pope-Hennessy Curator in Charge, and Ashley Dunn, Associate Curator, to virtually explore Manet/Degas.

Contemporary Artist William Wegman on His Video Art from 1970–99

"What can an audience tell the performer?" William Wegman on his video work from 1970–1999

Poet Wendy S. Walters in the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts galleries

A poet's response to Carpeaux's "Why Born Enslaved!"

Poet Wendy S. Walters confronts the power dynamics at play in creating and viewing Carpeaux’s Why Born Enslaved!

Sculptor Robert Laurent’s Carved Chest: An Immigrant Story

Listen to sculptor Robert Laurent (1890–1970) tell his story of emigrating from Brittany, France to New York City in the early twentieth century.

Max Klinger's "Galatea" Sculpture

Curator Denise Allen discusses Max Klinger’s Galatea and its provenance.

Dancer Omari Mizrahi on Mark Bradford’s Painting "Duck Walk"

Dancer Omari Mizrahi discusses the history of voguing while reflecting on Mark Bradford's mixed-media work Duck Walk.

Historian Ned BlackHawk on Native American Artworks l MetCollects

“If we reorient our view of history, can we expand the view ahead?”

Woman in yellow dress sitting in grey room with red colored installations

Contemporary Artist Ranjani Shettar on Her Installation

"Can nature's fragility be perceived?" Ranjani Shettar on her installation "Seven ponds and a few raindrops."

Lannuier's Pier Table

"How does a foreigner define America?" Alyce Englund on Charles-Honoré Lannuier's pier table.

African Crest (Tsesah)

"Can an invention remain new?": Alisa LaGamma on the tsesah crest.

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