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"Birches" by Robert Frost: An Optical Poem, 2024

“When I see birches bend to left and right / Across the lines of straighter darker trees, / I like to think some boy’s been swinging them.” On April 7, 1955, Robert Frost delivered a poetry reading at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Detail of Romare Bearden's "The Block,"  a collage of diverse elements including urban scenes, portraits, and abstract shapes in a vibrant composition.

The Block

I am startled by the intimacy the mural grants us.
Portrait of woman dressed in heavy garment and fur. Her expression is calm, while her arm rests on the wooden table.

At the Reception

For me the photograph speaks to optical illusion, to ambiguity, to the blurring of immediate impressions and assumptions.
Harlem Is Everywhere" episode 3 art, featuring Aaron Douglas's portrait of Zora Neale Hurston

Harlem Is Everywhere: Episode 3, Art & Literature

How did the literature of the Harlem Renaissance play a central role in conversations around Black identity?
Description TK

Ars Poetica

I was thinking of “voice” here not as the sound one makes, but as the feeling of a specific presence behind the words, animating them.

The Poet of the Information Desk

Robyn Schiff returns to The Met to read from her poem, Information Desk: An Epic in which she recounts what it was like to work at the Museum while establishing herself as a young writer. 

Lo Tatou Seiana: Our Flowering, Our Time

Dan Taulapapa McMullin muses on colonialism, queer mythologies, and activism in the Pacific Islands.
Barkcloth panel with rectilinear designs in beige, brown, and black

Wild Dogs Under My Skirt

Pacific poet Tusiata Avia reflects on desire and female empowerment through Samoan tattooing practices
Red and gold banana fibre sash

To Swim with Eels

Pacific poet Emelihter Kihleng reflects on her genealogy and connections to the lands of Pohnpei.
Wood sculpture of a male figure or tiki

Tiki Manifesto

Pacific poet Dan Taulapapa McMullin addresses the violent erasure and commodification of Oceania and its people under colonial rule.
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