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"Girls I Have Known"—An inadvertent self-portrait from a teen boy's 1917 photo book

Mar 13, 2013 3 MINUTES
"The entire album is an exercise in exploring what the pictures mean to him and what people's relationships to photographs can tell us."

Curator Doug Eklund on a photo album by Daniel Rochford called.

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Throughout 2013, The Met invited curators from across the Museum to each talk about one artwork that changed the way they see the world.

Photography by Mark Morosse

Rights & Permissions
"Wall Street Rag" by Scott Joplin, performed by Ann Charters on 'Essay in Ragtime: Ragtime Piano Classics,' Folkways Records FW03563, provided courtesy of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. (c) 1961. Used by permission.
Performed by Harry Macdonough, “The Girl on the Magazine” written by Irving Berlin, 1915, re-released on ‘1916 - The Country Found Them Ready,’ Courtesy of Archeophone Records LLC.

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