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Glass double head-shaped bottle

Mid Imperial
2nd century A.D.
Roman, Syrian
Glass; mold-blown
H.: 2 11/16 in. (6.8 cm)
Credit Line:
Gift of Henry G. Marquand, 1881
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 171
Translucent patchy purple.
Uneven rim folded out, round, and in; flaring mouth; cylindrical neck, slanting to one side and with deep tooling indent at base; plastic body; oval base with rounded edges and slightly concave bottom; small round pontil mark on bottom. Mold seams visible on sides of head, extending to base of neck.
Body in the shape of two heads, back to back, one with a smiling face, the other with a serious face; smiling face with fillet across forehead and hair parted down middle and arranged in regular horizontal rows to sides of face; the serious face with wavy hair to sides and prominent topknot; smiling face has arched eyebrows extending to bridge of nose, eyes with indents for pupils, open mouth, thick lips, and rounded chin; serious face is less well defined with raised eyebrows, a broad flat nose, pursed lips, and a receding chin.
Intact; limy encrustation, thick creamy weathering, and brilliant iridescence.
Although the details on two heads are indistinct, the fact that the smiling face wears a fillet or headband and the serious face may have small curved horns on his temples suggests that they may be identified as the wine god Dionysos and a satyr respectively.
Said to be from Syria (Froehner 1879, p. 60, note 4)

Until 1881, collection of Jules Charvet, Le Pecq, Île-de-France; 1881, purchased from J. Charvet by Henry G. Marquand; acquired in 1881, gift of Henry G. Marquand.
Froehner, Wilhelm. 1879. La verrerie antique: déscription de la Collection Charvet. pp. 60, n. 4, 138, pl. VI, 30, Le Pecq: Jules Charvet.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1881. Twelfth Annual Report of the Trustees of the Association for eight months ending December 31, 1881. pp. 215-6, New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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