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Glass two-handled bottle

Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian
1st half of 1st century A.D.
Glass; blown in a four-part mold
H.: 3 9/16 in. (9.1 cm)
Credit Line:
Smith Fund, 1913
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 171
Translucent cobalt blue, with handles in opaque white.
Rim folded out, round, and pressed into flaring mouth; cylindrical, slightly concave neck, with horizontal indented band around base; convex sloping shoulder; cylindrical body with recessed central panel, then cup-shaped below; low circular base with rounded edge and flat bottom; two rod handles applied to shoulder in large round pads, drawn up in a curving loop, and pressed onto top of neck and underside of rim. Three mold seams run from lower neck, across shoulder, and down sides to top of prominent horizontal ridge; a separate cup-shaped section forms the lower body and base.
Decoration in three registers: on shoulder, downturned tongues in raised outline, interspersed at bottom with pointed darts, with two horizontal raised ridges below; on body, central panel divided into three sections by a vertical thrysos-like staff or rod, with bud-like knobs on each end, floral sprays shoot out horizontally from each staff in symmetrical but different designs of ivy, vines, and laurel with berries, with a plain raised band below expanding outwards to prominent horizontal ridge; above the base, a frieze of twenty-four upturned tongues in raised outline, interspersed at top with pointed darts; on bottom, three raised concentric circles, decreasing in thickness towards center, and central small knob (inner two circles and knob blurred).
Broken and cracked, with most of rim, top of neck, and one handle missing; some dulling and slight pitting, thick creamy brown weathering on neck and handles and iridescence on body.

Blue, Sidonian jug with two white handles.
Said to be from Scythopolis (Beit She'an, Israel)

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