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Cross-Shaped Tile Fragment

Object Name:
Cross-shaped tile fragment
dated A.H. 661/A.D. 1262
Attributed to Iran, Varamin
Stonepaste; overglaze luster-painted
Larger fragment: 4 1/8in. (10.5cm) Capacity: 3 1/2in. (8.9cm) Smaller fragment: 3in. (7.6cm) Capacity: 3 1/2in. (8.9cm)
Credit Line:
Rogers Fund, 1908
Accession Number:
Not on view
Inscription: The border bands contain Qur'anic inscriptions written in naskh: the larger fragment (sura 1:6-7), followed by the "basmala" (the formula that opens all suras of the Qur'an except sura 9: bismallah al-rahman al-rahim, "In the name of God, the Clement, the Merciful"), and by the words "wa man" (meaning "and he who" probably the beginning of another section of the Qur'an) the smaller fragment contains the inscription (sura 2:255). --S. Carboni and T. Masuya, Persian Tiles,1993
Unknown(until 1908; sold to MMA)
New York. Hagop Kevorkian Fund Special Exhibitions Gallery. "Persian Tiles," May 4, 1993–January 2, 1994, no. 10b-c.

Carboni, Stefano, and Tomoko Masuya. Persian Tiles. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1993. no. 10b-c, p. 15, ill. (b/w).

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