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Mosque Lamp of Amir Qawsun

'Ali ibn Muhammad al-Barmaki ?
Object Name:
Mosque lamp
ca. 1329–35
Attributed to Egypt
Glass, colorless with brown tinge; blown, blown applied foot, enameled and gilded
H. 14 1/8 in. (35.9 cm) Max. diam. 10 1/16 in. (25.6 cm) Diam. with handles 10 5/16 in. (26.2 cm)
Credit Line:
Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 454
Large glass lamps of this type were commissioned by sultans and members of their court for mosques, madrasas (Qur'anic schools), tombs, hospices, and other public buildings in fourteenth-century Mamluk Cairo. This example bears the name of its patron, Qawsun (d. 1342), amir of the Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalaun (r. 1293–1341 with brief interruptions), and was probably intended for one of his two architectural commissions in Cairo—a mosque or a tomb-hospice complex.
Inscription: On neck: Verse from the Qur'an, ch. 24 "Surat al-Nur" ('The Light'), beginning of verse 35. "God is the light of the heavens and the earth. The semblance of His light us that of a niche in which is a lamp."
(Translation from al-Qur'an by Ahmed Ali, 1984, p. 301)

On body: 'That which was made for his excellency, the exalted, the lord, the royal, the well-served Sayf al-Din Qawsun, the Cupbearer of al-Malik al-Nasir."

On foot: "The work of the poor slave [of God] Ali ibn Muhammad al-Barmaki[?], may God safeguard him."
(Translation by Stefano Carboni, Glass of the Sultans, 2001, pp. 232-33)

On body: "Of what was made by order of his Excellency, the Exalted, the Lord, the Sovereign, the Well-Served, As-Seifi, Kusun-el-Saki, the King, the Victorious."

On base: "Work of the poor slave Ali ibn Muhammad al-Ramaki (or Zamaki)."
(Translation by N. Martinovitch)

On body: "This is one of the objects made for His High Excellency, our Lord, the Royal, the Well-Served, Saif-ad din Qausun, the cup-bearer of al Malik an Nasir."
(Translation by L.A. Mayer in Saracenic Heraldry, 1933, p. 186)

On foot: "Made by the humble servant Ali son of Muhammed son of Makki (MK) God have mercy upon him."
(Translation by H. McAllister(?), 1954)
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