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元 趙原 (元) 晴川送客圖 軸
Farewell by a Stream on a Clear Day

Zhao Yuan (Chinese, active ca. 1350–75)
Yuan dynasty (1271–1368)
second half of the 14th century
Hanging scroll; ink on paper
Image: 37 1/2 x 13 7/8 in. (95.3 x 35.2 cm) Overall with mounting: 77 1/4 x 20 1/2 in. (196.2 x 52.1 cm) Overall with knobs: 77 1/4 x 23 3/8 in. (196.2 x 59.4 cm)
Credit Line:
Ex coll.: C. C. Wang Family, Purchase, Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, by exchange, 1973
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 213
Zhao Yuan was a member of Suzhou literary circles and a close friend of many late Yuan scholar-painters, including Ni Zan (1306-1374) and Wang Meng (ca. 1308-1385).
Farewell by a Stream on a Clear Day is painted in a style similar to that of Wang Meng. Wang's powerfully expressive brushwork here becomes a vivacious pictorial surface. Zhao's use of dots is especially remarkable; varying in size, shape, darkness, and touch, they not only serve a representational function but also effectively control the overall texture and tonality of the painting. Zhao Yuan's career, like that of many other notable Jiangnan painters, was cut short by the first Ming emperor (r. 1368-98), a man of humble origins who was deeply suspicious of the Suzhou intelligentsia. After summoning Zhao to Nanjing to serve as a painter, the emperor took offense at something Zhao did and had him executed.
Inscription: Artist’s inscription and signature (2 columns in standard script)

Zhao Yuan of Jucheng [in Shandong] painted this Farewell by a Stream on a Clear Day for Tuixuan, Liu Guangwen.

莒城趙原為退軒劉廣文畫 《晴川送客圖》。

Artist's seal

Zhao Shanchang 趙善長

Other inscription

Qing emperor Qianlong 清帝乾隆 (r. 1736–1795), 6 columns in semi-cursive script, dated 1747; 2 seals:

On the autumn river on a sunny day,
A vast expanse of waves shines bright.
With eyes following the sails to the distance,
My heart accompanies my guest on his journey.
Inscribed by the Emperor on a spring day in the dingmao year [1747]. [Seals]: Ji xia yiqing, De jiaqu

丁卯春日御題 。[印]: 幾暇怡情、得佳趣

Collectors' seals
Zhu Zhichi 朱之赤 (active mid-17th c.)
Zhu Wo’an shoucang yin 朱臥菴收藏印

An Qi 安岐 (1683–after1743)
Lucun 麓邨
An Yizhou jia zhencang 安儀周家珍藏

Qing emperor Qianlong 清帝乾隆 (r. 1736–1795)
Qianlong yulan zhi bao 乾隆御覽之寶
Qianlong jianshang 乾隆鑑賞
Shiqu baoji 石渠寳笈
Sanxi Tang jingjian xi 三希堂精鋻璽
Yi zisun 宜子孫

Zhang Heng 張珩 (1915–1963)
Wuxing Zhang shi tushu zhi ji 吳興張氏圖書之記
Zhang Heng siyin 張珩私印
Xinshang 心賞

Wang Jiqian 王季遷 (C. C. Wang, 1907–2003)
Wang Jiqian haiwai suojian mingji 王季遷海外所見名跡

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