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Sketches Drawn from the Life, or Collection of Portraits Sketched from the Life since 1793

Artist: After George Dance (British, London 1741–1825 London)
Engraver: William Daniell (British, 1769–1837 London)
Publisher: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown (London)
Printer: William Matthew Thiselton (London)
Sitter: Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford (British, London 1717–1797 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: George Steevens (British, Stepney 1734–1800 Hampstead) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Major James Rennell (British, born Chudleigh, Devonshire, 1742) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Right Reverend Doctor William Dickson (British, 1745–1804 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: James Boswell (British, Edinburgh, Scotland 1740–1795) (Vol. I)
Sitter: John Moore M.D. (British, Stirling 1730–1802 Richmond ) (Vol. I)
Sitter: George Legge, Earl of Dartmouth (British, 1755–1810) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Sir John Anstruther, Baronet (British, Elie, Firth, Scotland 1753–1811 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Tiberius Cavallo F.R.S. (Italian, Naples 1749) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Bennet Langton (British, Langton-by-Spilsby, Lincolnshire 1737–1801 Southampton) (Vol. I)
Sitter: John Flaxman (British, York 1755–1826 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Sir William Chambers (British (born Sweden), Göteborg 1723–1796 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Reverend Charles Agar (Irish, 1736–1809) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Right Honorable Alan Gardner (British, born Uhoxeter, Staffordshire 1742) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Charles Bingham, First Earl of Lucan (British, 1730–1799) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Right Honorable Sir William Scott (British, born County Durham, 1745) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Sir Giles Rooke (British, 1743–1808) (Vol. I)
Sitter: General Pasqual de Paoli (Corsican, died 1807) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Joah Bates (British, Halifax 1741–1799 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Alexander Dalrymple F.R.S. (British, New Hailes, 1737–1808) (Vol. I)
Sitter: James Northcote (British, Plymouth 1746–1831 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Thomas King (British, 1730–1805 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: William Shield (British, Swalwell-on-Tyne 1748–1829) (Vol. I)
Sitter: James Barry (Irish, Cork 1740–1806 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Joseph Hayden (Austrian, Rhorau 1733–1809 Gumpendorff) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Benjamin West (American, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 1738–1820 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Sir Robert Smirke (British, London 1780/1781–1867 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) (Vol. I)
Sitter: John Bacon the Elder (British, London 1740–1799 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Thomas Banks (British, Lambeth baptised 1738–1805 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: William Seward (British, London 1747–1799 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Major General Thomas Pillon (British, born Poyston, 1758) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Granville Sharpe (British, born Durham 1735–1813) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Thomas Hearne (British, Marshfield 1744–1817 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Reverend Richard Hole (British, Exeter, 1746–1803) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Caleb Whitefoord (British, Edinburgh 1734–1810 London)
Sitter: Paul Sandby (British, baptized Nottingham 1731–1809 London) (Vol. I)
Sitter: Robert Mylne the younger (British, Edinburgh, Scotland 1733–1811 London) (Vol. II)
Sitter: John Hoppner (British, London 1758–1810 London) (Vol. II)
Sitter: John Philip Kemble (British, Prescot, Lancashire 1757–1823 Lausanne) (Vol. II)
Sitter: William Sawrey Gilpin (British, 1762–1843 Sedbury Park, Yorkshire) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Joseph Wilton (British, London 1722–1803 London) (Vol. II)
Sitter: William Thomas Lewis (British, 1748–1811) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Charles Geneviève Louise Auguste André Timothée D'eon de Beaumont (French, Tonnerre, 1728–1810) (Vol. II)
Sitter: John Hoole (British, London 1727–1803) (Vol. II)
Sitter: William Hodges R.A. (British, London 1744–1797 Brixham, Devon) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Robert Batty, M.D. (British, Kirkby Lonsdale 1763?–1849) (Vol. II)
Sitter: John Peter Salomon (German, born Bonn, active 18th century) (Vol. II)
Sitter: John Rennie F.R.S. (British, born East Lothian, 1761) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Sir Joseph Banks (British, London 1743–1820 London) (Vol. II)
Sitter: John Eardley Wilmot (British, 1750–1815) (Vol. II)
Sitter: William Sharpe (British, Rothby, Northumberland 1729–1810) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Patrick Russell M.D. (British, Edinburgh, Scotland 1726–1805 London) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Richard Cosway (British, Oakford, Devon 1742–1821 London) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Jonas Carlsson Dryander (Swedish, Gottenberg 1748–1810 London) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Dr. Thomas Barnard (Irish, 1728–1806 Wimbledon) (Vol. II)
Sitter: John Latham M.D., F. R.S. (British, born Cheshire, 1761)
Sitter: John Francis Rigaud (British (born Italy), Turin 1742–1810 Packington) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Samuel Arnold (British, 1742–1802) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Richard Budd, M.D. (British, born Newbury 1746) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Charles Kynvett (British, 1752–1822) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Nicholas Revett (British, Brandeston Hall, Suffolk 1720–1804 London) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Prince Hoare II (British, Bath 1755–1834 Brighton) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Johan Joseph Zoffany (German, near Frankfurt 1733–1810 London) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Joseph Munden (British, born London, active 18th century) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Charles Armstrong (British, 1750–1815) (Vol. II)
Sitter: John Carr (British, Horbury, West Yorkshire 1723–1807 Askham Richard, North Yorkshire) (Vol. II)
Sitter: James Caulfield, 1st Earl of Charlemont (Irish, Dublin, 1728–1799) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Miles Partington (British, born 1751) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Samuel Harrison (British, Belper 1760–1812) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Robert Bensley (British, ca. 1740–1814) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Thomas Hardwick (British, London 1752–1829 London) (Vol. II)
Sitter: Thomas Girtin (British, London 1775–1802 London) (Vol. II)
Published in: London
Date: 1814
Medium: Illustrations: engraving
Dimensions: 18 13/16 x 12 13/16 x 1 1/8 in. (47.8 x 32.5 x 2.8 cm)
Classification: Books
Credit Line: Gift of Harvey Smith, 1977
Accession Number: 1977.595.46(1-2)
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