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The Century Gallery of 100 Portraits, Selected from The Century Magazine

Publisher: The Century Company
Engraver: Timothy Cole (American, London 1852–1931 Poughkeepsie, New York)
Engraver: T. Johnson (American, active 1880–90)
Engraver: R. A. Muller (American, active late 19th century)
Engraver: Henry Wolf (American (born Alsace-Lorraine), Eckwersheim 1852–1916 New York)
Engraver: William Baxter Palmer Closson (American, 1860–1930)
Engraver: G. Tietze (American, active 1890–1900)
Engraver: J. H. E. Whitney (American, active 1890–1900)
Sitter: George Washington (American, 1732–1799) (Plate I)
Sitter: William Cullen Bryant (American, 1794–1878) (plate II)
Sitter: William Dean Howells (American, 1837–1920)
Sitter: George Washington Cable (American, 1844–1925) (Plate IV)
Sitter: George Eliot (British, 1819–1880) (Plate V)
Sitter: Richard Wagner (German, Leipzig 1813–1883 Venice) (Plate VI)
Sitter: John Henry, Cardinal Newman (British, 1801–1890) (Plate VII)
Sitter: George William Curtis (American, 1824–1892) (Plate VIII)
Sitter: Florence Nightingale (British, 1820–1910) (Plate IX)
Sitter: Henry James (American, 1843–1916) (Plate X)
Sitter: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (American, Portland, Maine 1807–1882 Cambridge, Massachusetts) (Plate XI)
Sitter: Alphonse Daudet (French, 1840–1897) (Plate XII)
Sitter: Helmuth von Moltke (German, Parchim, Mecklenburg 1800–1891 Berlin) (Plate XIII)
Sitter: Abraham Lincoln (American, Hardin County, Kentucky 1809–1865 Washington, D.C.) (Plate XIV)
Sitter: Major General Philip Henry Sheridan (American, 1831–1888) (Plate XV)
Sitter: William Tecumseh Sherman (American, Lancaster, Ohio 1820–1891 New York) (Plate XVI)
Sitter: Ralph Waldo Emerson (American, Boston, Massachusetts 1803–1882 Concord, Massachusetts) (Plate XVII)
Sitter: Daniel Webster (American, Salisbury, New Hampshire 1782–1852 Marshfield, Massachusetts) (Plate XVIII)
Sitter: Edward Everett Hale (American, 1822–1909) (Plate XIX)
Sitter: Sir John Frederick William Herschel, 1st Baronet (British, Slough 1792–1871 Hawkhurst, Kent) (Plate XX)
Sitter: Giuseppe Verdi (Italian, 1813–1901) (Plate XXI)
Sitter: Franz Liszt (Hungarian, 1811–1886) (Plate XXIII)
Sitter: Nathaniel Hawthorne (American, Salem, Massachusetts 1804–1864 Plymouth, New Hampshire) (Plate XXIII)
Sitter: Harriet Beecher Stowe (American, 1811–1896) (Plate XXIV)
Sitter: Thomas Jefferson (American, 1743–1826) (Plate XXV)
Sitter: Julia Ward Howe (American, New York 1819–1910 Portsmouth, Rhode Island) (Plate XXVI)
Sitter: Leo Tolstoy (Russian, 1828–1910) (Plate XXVII)
Sitter: Washington Irving (American, New York 1783–1859 Sleepy Hollow, New York) (Plate XXVIII)
Sitter: Walter Savage Landor (American, 1775–1864) (Plate XXIX)
Sitter: John Ruskin (British, London 1819–1900 Brantwood, Cumbria) (Plate XXX)
Sitter: Camille Corot (French, Paris 1796–1875 Paris ) (Plate XXXI)
Sitter: Pope Leo XIII (Italian, 1810–1903) (Plate XXXII)
Sitter: Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière (French, 1622–1673) (Plate XXXIII)
Sitter: James Bryce (British, 1838–1922) (Plate XXXIV)
Sitter: Joseph Jefferson (American, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1829–1905 Palm Beach, Florida) (Plate XXXV)
Sitter: Madame la Marquise de Pompadour (French, Paris 1721–1764 Versailles) (Plate XXXVI)
Sitter: Sir Walter Besant (British, 1836–1901) (Plate XXXVII)
Sitter: John Burroughs (American, 1837–1921) (Plate XXXVIII)
Sitter: Germaine de Staël (French Swiss, Paris 1766–1817 Paris) (Plate XXXIX)
Sitter: Otto von Bismarck (German, 1815–1898) (Plate XL)
Sitter: Matthew Arnold (British, 1822–1888) (Plate XLI)
Sitter: Francis Parkman (American, Boston, Massachusetts 1823–1893 Boston, Massachusetts ) (Plate XLII)
Sitter: Tommaso Salvini (Italian, 1829–1915) (Plate XLIII)
Sitter: John Greenleaf Whittier (American, Haverhill, Massachusetts 1807–1892 Hampton Falls, New Hampshire) (Plate XLIV)
Sitter: John Wilson of Ellerey [wrote as Christopher North] (British, Paisley, Scotland 1785–1854 Edinburgh) (Plate XLV)
Sitter: Charles-François Daubigny (French, Paris 1817–1878 Paris) (Plate XLVI)
Sitter: Percy Bysshe Shelley (British, Sussex 1792–1822 at sea, Italy) (Plate XXLVII)
Sitter: Antonín Leopold Dvorák (Czech, 1841–1904) (Plate XLVIII)
Sitter: James Russell Lowell (American, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1819–1891 Cambridge, Massachusetts) (Plate XLVIX)
Sitter: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Austrian, 1756–1791) (Plate L)
Sitter: Charles-François Gounod (French, 1818–1893) (Plate LI)
Sitter: Ignacy Jan Paderewski (Polish, 1860–1941) (Plate LXII)
Sitter: Horace Greeley (American, 1811–1872) (Plate LIII)
Sitter: George Sand (French, Paris 1804–1876 Nohant) (Plate LIV)
Sitter: Robert Schumann (German, 1810–1856) (Plate LV)
Sitter: Robert Browning (British, London 1812–1889 Venice) (Plate LVI)
Sitter: Wihelm II, Emperor of Germany (1859–1941) (Plate LVII)
Sitter: Thomas Bailey Aldrich (American, 1836–1907) (Plate LVIII)
Artist: Benjamin Franklin (American, 1706–1790)
Sitter: Rudyard Kipling (British (born India), Bombay 1865–1936 Middlesex) (Plate LIX)
Sitter: George Inness (American, Newburgh, New York 1825–1894 Bridge of Allan, Scotland) (Plate LXII)
Sitter: Henry Clay (American, Hanover County, Virginia 1777–1852 Washington, D.C.) (Plate LXI)
Sitter: Joséphine Bonaparte (French, Trois-Îlets, Martinique 1763–1814 Malmaison) (Plate LXIII)
Sitter: Hermann von Helmholtz (German, 1821–1894) (Plate LXIV)
Sitter: Edwin Booth (American, 1833–1893) (Plate LXV)
Sitter: Edvard Grieg (Norwegian, 1843–1907) (Plate LXVI)
Sitter: Edmund Clarence Stedman (American, 1833–1908) (Plate LXVII)
Sitter: Louisa, Queen of Prussia (Hanover, 1776–1810) (Plate LXVIII)
Sitter: Silas Weir Mitchell (American, 1829–1914) (Plate LXIX)
Sitter: Queen Victoria (British, London 1819–1901 Isle of Wight) (Plate LXX)
Sitter: Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (American, Florida, Missouri 1835–1910 Hartford, Connecticut) (Plate LXXI)
Sitter: Alfred Tennyson (British, Somersby, Lincolnshire 1809–1892 Surrey) (Plate LXXII)
Sitter: John Marshall (American, 1755–1835) (Plate LXXIII)
Sitter: Phillips Brooks (American, 1835–1893) (Plate LXXIV)
Sitter: Sarah Siddons (British, Brecon, Wales 1755–1831 London) (Plate LXXV)
Sitter: Hans Von Bülow (German, 1830–1894) (Plate LXXVI)
Sitter: Andrew Lang (British, Selkirk, Scotland 1844–1912 Banchory) (Plate LXXVII)
Sitter: Eugénie, Empress of the French (1826–1920) (Plate LXXVIII)
Sitter: Jenny Lind (Swedish, Stockholm 1820–1887 Wynd's Point, Herefordshire) (Plate LXXIX)
Sitter: Grover Cleveland (American, 1837–1908) (Plate LXXX)
Sitter: William McKinley (American, 1843–1901) (Plate LXXXI)
Sitter: Girolamo Savonarola (Italian, 1452–1498) (Plate LXXXII)
Sitter: Thomas Carlyle (British, Annandale, Scotland 1795–1881 London) (Plate LXXXIV)
Sitter: Oliver Wendell Holmes (American, 1841–1935) (Plate LXXXIII)
Sitter: William Ewart Gladstone (Plate LXXXV)
Sitter: Napoleon I (French, Ajaccio 1769–1821 St. Helena) (Plate LXXXVI)
Sitter: Ulysses S. Grant (American, Point Pleasant, Ohio 1822–1885 Mount McGregor, New York) (Plate LXXXVII)
Sitter: Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American, Dublin 1848–1907 Cornish, New Hampshire) (Plate LXXXVIII)
Sitter: Louis Pasteur (French, 1822–1895) (Plate XC)
Sitter: Robert Louis Stevenson (Scottish, Edinburgh 1850–1894 Upolu, Samoa) (Plate XCI)
Sitter: Benoît-Constant Coquelin, known as Coquelin aîné (French, 1841–1909) (Plate LXXXIX)
Sitter: Peter Cooper (American, 1791–1883) (Plate XCVI)
Sitter: Ivan Turgenev (Russian, Oryol 1818–1883 Bougival) (Plate XCVII)
Sitter: Eleanora Duse (Italian, 1858–1924) (Plate XCII)
Sitter: William Makepeace Thackeray (British, Calcutta 1811–1863 London) (Plate XCIII)
Sitter: Robert Burns (British, Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland 1759–1796) (Plate XCIV)
Sitter: Helena Modjeska (Polish, Krakow 1840–1908 California) (Plate XCV)
Sitter: Jean-François Millet (French, Gruchy 1814–1875 Barbizon) (Plate XCIX)
Sitter: Frank Richard Stockton (American, 1834–1902) (Plate XCVIII)
Sitter: Christopher Columbus (Genoa 1446?–1506 Valladolid) (Plate C)
Date: 1897
Medium: Wood engraving and photomechanical reproduction
Dimensions: 13 3/4 x 10 1/16 x 1 1/8 in. (35 x 25.5 x 2.8 cm)
Classification: Portfolios
Credit Line: Gift of Lev Tsitrin, 2008
Accession Number: 2008.195.3
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