Glass bottle shaped like a bunch of grapes

Period: Late Imperial

Date: 4th century A.D.

Culture: Roman

Medium: Glass; blown in a two-part mold and trailed

Dimensions: H. 7 in. (17.8 cm)

Classification: Glass

Credit Line: Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917

Accession Number: 17.194.231


Colorless with pale green tinge; handles, foot, and trail in same color.
Rounded and slightly thickened rim; flaring mouth; tall cylindrical neck; elongated ovoid body; applied broad foot ring with downturned rounded edge and hollow bottom; pontil scar at center of bottom; two handles attached to top of body with projecting pinched lug at base, drawn up in a curve and trailed onto neck (over trail decoration) with a loop above, and ending on outer edge of rim. Prominent vertical mold seam runs down body from top to bottom under handles.
Single trail applied to underside of mouth and wound in a spiral down neck, ending near base; body shaped like a bunch of grapes, comprising nine interlocking but irregular row of hemispherical knobs.
Complete, except for slight loss to lower end of trail around neck, a break and small chip in one handle, and internal cracks in foot ring and lower body; pinprick bubbles; dulling and iridescence covering most of surfaces.