Glass bottle in the shape of a fish

Period: Imperial

Date: 1st–2nd century A.D.

Culture: Roman

Medium: Glass; mold-blown

Dimensions: H.: 9 7/16 in. (24 cm)

Classification: Glass

Credit Line: Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917

Accession Number: 17.194.251


Only a small number of Roman mold-blown bottles in the shape of a fish are known, but they constitute an interesting group for a number of reasons. So far thirteen examples have been recorded. Finds range from Cyprus and western Asia Minor to the Black Sea coast of Moesia and Judaea, while other examples have been found in the West and even in the Persian Gulf. It is likely that the center for production was located in one of the coastal regions of the eastern Mediterranean (the Syro-Palestinian littoral or, possibly, western Asia Minor), whence the vessels could have been easily dispersed by means of maritime trade.