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David Roentgen
ca. 1780–83
Hermann Achenbach
ca. 1774–75
Jean Henri Riesener
Jean Henri Riesener
Caucasian, probably Tbilisi, Georgia
dated A.H. 1273 /1856–57 CE and 1861
Indian, Mughal
Jean Henri Riesener
ca. 1790
Imperial Armory, Tula (south of Moscow), Russia
ca. 1780–85
probably shortly before 1704
Georges Jacob
ca. 1782–83
Hilt and scabbard, Turkish; Blade, Iranian
late 16th–17th century
Mounts and scabbard, Turkish; blade, European
17th century
hilt and scabbard, Algerian; blade, European
hilt and scabbard, late 17th or early 18th century; blade 16th or 17th century
François-Alexander Chasteau
11th century
Heinrich Heid von Winterthur
dated 1460
Grip and guard, Turkish, Ottoman; blade, European
Grip and guard, late 17th century; blade, 17th century
late 18th century
Samuel Colt
Indian, Sindh (now Pakistan); lock, British
second quarter of the 19th century
Philippe Pasquier
late 18th century
Alexander Roux
ca. 1853
Alexander Roux
ca. 1855
Alexander John Forsyth
ca. 1824
Alexander Roux
ca. 1866
Peter Peck
ca. 1540–45
Indian, Seringapatam
dated Mauludi era 1222/1793–94 CE
Alexander Jackson Davis
ca. 1857
André Charles Boulle
ca. 1700
Alexander Jackson Davis
ca. 1848
dated 1615
Gasparo Mola
ca. 1620–30
François Du Clos
ca. 1640
Alexander Calder
ca. 1928
Roger Vandercruse, called Lacroix
ca. 1760–70
ca. 1610
blade, Turkish; hilt and scabbard, European, possibly Italian
blade, mid-16th century; hilt and scabbard, probably mid-16th century
French, Paris
ca. 1658–1715
Bonaventure Ravoisie
ca. 1678–1709
Italian, Brescia
ca. 1590–1600