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Lu Kezheng
Unidentified artist
17th century
Unidentified artist
Dong Qichang
early 17th century
Dong Yuan
Unidentified artist
late 14th–early 15th century
Unidentified artist
Wu Zhen
dated 1338
Dong Qichang
ca. 1622–25
Dong Qichang
ca. 1622–25
Li Zai
dated yiwei 乙未, 1655?
Jin Cheng
early 20th century
Dong Qichang
dated 1630
Sheng Zhu
ca. 1370
Fu Baoshi
datable to 1925
Wang Meng
ca. 1370
late 14th–mid-15th century
Lan Ying
Unidentified artist
Qi Zhijia
dated 1661
Yun Shouping
Bada Shanren (Zhu Da)
datable to 1698
Zhao Mengfu
ca. 1310
19th century
Zhao Mengfu
14th–15th century
Qian Xuan
ca. 1295
Wu Zhen
ca. 1350
Wang Zhenpeng
dated 1308
Fang Congyi
ca. 1360–70
Zhang Feng
dated 1644
Zhao Zuo
dated 1611–12
Weng Tonghe
dated 1901
Wang Yuanqi
dated 1705
Yun Xiang
datable to 1638 or 1650
Shen Zhou
dated 1477
Guo Xi
ca. 1080
Mo Shilong
Cao Jian
dated 1716
Wang Yuanqi
dated 1711
Wang Jian
dated 1657