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The Cloisters Photographs

Detail of a 1938 photograph depicting the St. Guilhem-le-Désert Cloister at The Met Cloisters

This collection contains albums of historical photographs depicting the construction, architecture, and environs of The Cloisters.

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The Cloisters Photograph Collection Container List

A list of an estimated four thousand black and white photographs held in The Cloisters Archives. Subjects include: views of The Cloisters, views of the "old" George Grey Barnard-era installations of Cloisters objects, special events at the museum, and medieval objects from other museums or in situ.

Black and white photograph of Cloisters under construction

The Cloisters Construction Photo Album

An unbound album of black and white photographs by Irving Underhill of the construction of The Cloisters, Metropolitan Museum of Art, May 6th, 1935 to January 5, 1938.

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The Cloisters Photographs 1938

Three bound albums of black and white photographs, produced upon the opening of The Cloisters.

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Fort Tryon Park Project, New York City

Photographs of the design and construction of Fort Tryon Park by the Olmsted Brothers firm, dating from ca. 1913-1933. The original albums are held in The Cloisters Archives and the New-York Historical Society.

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Fuentiduena Apse Relocation Images

A collection of images taken at the time of the Apse’s dismantling in Spain in 1957 and it reconstruction at the Cloisters from 1958-61.

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Views of The Cloisters

An unbound album of black and white photographs of George Grey Barnard's original Cloisters, produced ca. 1925, around the time of its purchase by The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

At top: Photograph 85, St. Guilhem-le-Désert Cloister, from The Cloisters : Photographs 1938. Volume 1.