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Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids
Allen, James P., Susan Allen, Julie Anderson, Dieter Arnold, Dorothea Arnold, Nadine Cherpion, Élisabeth David, Nicolas Grimal, Krzysztof Grzymski, Zahi Hawass, Marsha Hill, Peter Jánosi, Sophie Labée-Toutée, Audran Labrousse, Jean-Philippe Lauer, Jean Leclant, Peter Der Manuelian, N. B. Millet, Adela Oppenheim, Diana Craig Patch, Elena Pischikova, Patricia Rigault, Catharine H. Roehrig, Dietrich Wildung, and Christiane Ziegler (1999)
This title is out of print.
Table of contents

Lenders to the Exhibition

Directors' Foreword
Françoise Cachin, Philippe de Montebello, Lindsay Sharp

Dorothea Arnold, Krzystof Grzymski, Christiane Ziegler

Contributors to the Catalogue and Key to the Authors of the Entries


Notes to the Reader


A Note on Egyptian Chronology
Élisabeth David

Dynastic and Regnal Dates
James P. Allen

Dorothea Arnold, Christiane Ziegler

Introductory Essays

A Brief History of the Old Kingdom
Jean Leclant

The Step Pyramid Precinct of King Djoser
Jean-Philippe Lauer

Pyramids and Their Temples
Audran Labrousse

The Tombs of Officials: Houses of Eternity
Peter Jánosi

Old Kingdom Statues in their Architectural Setting
Dieter Arnold

Royal Statuary
Krzysztof Grzymski

Nonroyal Statuary
Christiane Ziegler

Reserve Heads: An Enigma of Old Kingdom Sculpture
Catharine H. Roehrig

Royal Reliefs
Dorothea Arnold

The Human Image in Old Kingdom Nonroyal Reliefs
Nadine Cherpion

Furniture of the Old Kingdom
Julie Anderson

Stone Vessels: Luxury Items with Manifold Implications
Dorothea Arnold and Elena Pischikova

Excavating the Old Kingdom: From Khafres Valley Temple to the Governors City at Balat
Nicolas Grimal

Excavating the Old Kingdom: the Giza Necropolis and Other Mastaba Fields
Peter Der Manuelian

Excavating the Old Kingdom: The Egyptian Archaeologists
Zahi Hawass


Third Dynasty
Fourth Dynasty
Fifth Dynasty
Sixth Dynasty




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