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Living Line: Selected Indian Drawings from the Subhash Kapoor Gift

March 25–September 7, 2009

Exhibition Overview

This selection of master drawings represents the distillation of the finest works assembled over two generations of collecting by Subhash Kapoor and his late father, Shree Parshotam Ram Kapoor. The exhibition features a wide variety of works on paper executed principally in black ink, sometimes enhanced with watercolor, typically on fine laminated papers. It includes a number of exemplary finished drawings, which were generally retained within artist studios as reference works upon which finished paintings were based. They were also enjoyed as connoisseurs' objects in their own right, to be viewed by the royal patrons in the privacy of their palaces. Others served as studies for miniature paintings or for murals. These drawings, principally dating from the eighteenth-century, were produced in the royal ateliers of the courts of Rajasthan and the Pahari hills of the Punjab. This exhibition provides unfettered insight into the creative process that underlies Indian miniature painting and signals the importance of the art of drawing in the later court arts of Hindu India.

Exhibition Objects