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African-American Artists, 1929–1945: Prints, Drawings, and Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Messinger, Lisa Mintz, Lisa Gail Collins, and Rachel Mustalish
92 pages
57 illustrations
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Director's Foreword

Lisa Mintz Messinger


Introductions: Lisa Mintz Messinger

Catalogue Entries: Lisa Gail Collins

1. Cultural Heritage and Identity
2. Faces
3. The South
4. The North
5. Religion
6. Labor
7. Recreation
8. War

Printmaking Techniques of the WPA Printmakers
Rachel Mustalish

July Hay, Thomas Hart Benton  American, Egg tempera, methyl cellulose, and oil on Masonite
Thomas Hart Benton
The Bowery, Reginald Marsh  American, Tempera on Masonite
Reginald Marsh
Cauliflower and Pumpkin, Loïs Mailou Jones  American, Oil on canvas
Loïs Mailou Jones
Street in Kairouan, Tunisia, William Henry Johnson  American, Watercolor and graphite on paper
William Henry Johnson
ca. 1932
Still Life with Fetish, Wilmer Angier Jennings  American, Wood engraving
Wilmer Angier Jennings
Two Figures, David Ross  American, Woodcut
David Ross
Hope for the Future, Charles Wilbert White  American, Lithograph
Charles Wilbert White
Self-Portrait II, Horace Pippin  American, Oil on canvas, adhered to cardboard
Horace Pippin
Self-Portrait with Hat and Pipe, Albert A. Smith  American, Lithograph
Albert A. Smith
Robert Blackburn, Ronald Joseph  American, Lithograph
Ronald Joseph
ca. 1937
Young Buck, Hale Woodruff  American, Woodcut
Hale Woodruff
ca. 1938
Self-Portrait, Samuel Joseph Brown, Jr.  American, Watercolor, charcoal, and graphite on paper
Samuel Joseph Brown, Jr.
ca. 1941
The Fortune-teller, Elmer W. Brown  American, Linocut
Elmer W. Brown
ca. 1940s
Kitchen Scene, Yellow House, Bill Traylor  American, Pencil and colored pencil on cardboard, American
Bill Traylor
ca. 1939–42
Going Home, Hale Woodruff  American, Linocut
Hale Woodruff
Deserted House, Charles Henry Alston  American, Lithograph
Charles Henry Alston
ca. 1938
"Lovers", Ernest Crichlow  American, Lithograph
Ernest Crichlow
Sunday Morning, Dox Thrash  American, Drypoint
Dox Thrash
ca. 1939
Southern Barbecue, Raymond Steth  American, Lithograph
Raymond Steth
ca. 1940
The Photographer, Jacob Lawrence  American, Watercolor, gouache, and graphite on paper
Jacob Lawrence
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Collins, Lisa Gail, Rachel Mustalish, and Lisa Mintz Messinger. 2003. African-American Artists, 1929-1945: Prints, Drawings, and Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art [Exhibition, January 15-May 4, 2003]. New York [New Haven (Conn.)]: the Metropolitan museum of art Yale university press.