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Fragonard: Drawing Triumphant cover

Fragonard: Drawing Triumphant

Stein, Perrin with contributions by Marie-Anne Dupuy-Vachey, Eunice Williams, and Kelsey Brosnan
324 pages
260 illustrations
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One of the most forward-looking artists of the eighteenth century, Jean Honoré Fragonard (1732–1806) was a virtuoso draftsman whose works on paper count among the great achievements of his time. This book showcases Fragonard's mastery and experimentation in a range of media, from vivid red chalk to luminous brown wash, as well as etching, watercolor, and gouache. With essays that focus on the role of drawing in his creative process and provide a modern reevaluation of his graphic work, the book offers fresh perspectives on this innovative and independent artist, who began his career in the Rococo era but lived through and adapted to changing times in France, and who chose to leave the more defined path of official patronage in order to work for private clients. Unlike many earlier painters who used drawings primarily as preparatory tools, Fragonard explored their potential as works of art in their own right, ones that permitted him to work with great freedom and allowed his genius to shine. The 100 featured works come from New York collections, public and private, balancing a mix of well-loved masterpieces, new discoveries, and works that have long been out of the public eye. Fragonard: Drawing Triumphant illuminates the approach of a ceaselessly inventive artist whose draftsmanship was at the core of his remarkable body of work.

Portrait of Jean Honoré Fragonard, Charles Louis François Le Carpentier  French, Etching
Multiple artists/makers
Portrait of a Boy, Marie Anne Gérard Fragonard (Madame Fragonard)  French, Ivory
ca. 1775
Orpheus Charming the Nymphs, Dryads, and Animals, Charles Joseph Natoire  French, Pen and brown ink, brown and gray wash, pale blue, yellow, and pink watercolor and white heightening over preliminary drawing in pencil and black chalk.
A Shaded Avenue, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Oil on wood
ca. 1775
La Jeu de la Palette, Jean Claude Richard, Abbé de Saint-Non  French, Aquatint printed in brown ink
Figures de Differents caracteres, de Paysages . . .Volume I, Antoine Watteau  French, Etching
Multiple artists/makers
The Stubborn Donkey, Jean Claude Richard, Abbé de Saint-Non  French, Etching and aquatint
The Sense of Smell, Edme Bouchardon  French, Red chalk; counterproof
Young Women in a Landscape with Architectural Fragments, Hubert Robert  French, Pen and brown ink, brush and brown, gray, and blue wash, over red chalk counterproof
ca. 1773
The Sultan, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Brush and brown wash over traces of graphite
An Angel Bringing Food to a Hermit, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Etching
ca. 1750–56
View of a Park, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Black chalk, brush and gray wash, touches of black and brown wash; framing lines in pen and black ink
ca. 1757–59
Fragments choisis dans les Peintures et les Tableaux les plus interessants des Palais et des Eglises d'Italie, Jean Claude Richard, Abbé de Saint-Non  French, Etchings
18th century
Saint Celestine V Renouncing the Papacy, after Mattia Preti, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Black chalk, over a black chalk counterproof
Recueil de Griffonis, de Vues, Paysages, fragments antiques et sujets historiques...s..i..n..d.., Jean Claude Richard, Abbé de Saint-Non  French
Hercules and Cacus, after Annibale Carracci, and the Destruction of Enceladus, after Agostino Carracci, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Black chalk; framing lines in pen and brown ink
Saint Luke, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Etching, first state of two
ca. 1764
Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Etching, first state of two
ca. 1764
The Circumcision, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Etching, second state of two
ca. 1764
The Disciples at the Tomb, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Etching, first state of two
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Stein, Perrin, Marie-Anne Dupuy-Vachey, Eunice Williams, Kelsey Brosnan, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, and Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.), eds. 2016. Fragonard: Drawing Triumphant: Works from New York Collections. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.