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Cover of Herbs for the Mediaeval Household

Herbs for the Mediaeval Household for Cooking, Healing and Divers Uses

Freeman, Margaret B.
64 pages
73 illustrations
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Covering nearly seventy different herbs, this book details each plant’s specific role in several aspects of medieval society including cooking, healing, and pest control. Illustrated with 16th century prints which highlight the practical applications and symbolic significance of botanicals in the household as well as prints of the featured plants from a 15th century manuscript, this book provides a clear but thorough introduction to herbs and their diverse uses in medieval Europe.

Medicinarius. Das buch der Gesundheit. Liber de arte distillandi Simplicia et Composita, Johann Grüninger , Strassburg German, plates: handcolored woodcuts
Johann Grüninger
Hieronymus Brunschwig
The Grete Herball, Peter Treveris  British, Illustrations: woodcut
Peter Treveris
July 27, 1526
Herbarius - Gart der gesuntheit - Hortus sanitatis, Hans Schönsperger the Elder  German, Plates: hand-colored woodcuts
Hans Schönsperger the Elder

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