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Medieval Art: A Resource for Educators

Medieval Art: A Resource for Educators

Norris, Michael
192 pages
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This resource presents medieval art in the Museum's collection from Western Europe and Byzantium and provides strategies for teaching art of the Middle Ages. Among the contents are an overview of medieval times and art; a discussion of aspects of medieval life, including knighthood and monasticism; information on materials and techniques; lesson plans; a map; a glossary, and a bibliography.

The Belles Heures of Jean de France, duc de Berry, The Limbourg Brothers  Franco-Netherlandish, Tempera, gold, and ink on vellum, French
Bowl Fragments with Menorah, Shofar, and Torah Ark, Glass, gold leaf, Roman
Capital with a Pattern of Grape Leaves and Vines, Limestone; carved in relief
6th–7th century
Capital with a Pattern of Leaves and Vines, Limestone; carved in relief
6th–7th century
Pyxis, Elephant ivory, Spanish
ca. 950–75
Chapter House from Notre-Dame-de-Pontaut, Limestone, French
12th century
Aquamanile in the Form of a Mounted Knight, Copper alloy, German
ca. 1250
Manuscript Leaf with Scenes from the Life of Saint Francis of Assisi, Tempera and gold on parchment, Italian
ca. 1320–42
The Bishop of Assisi Giving a Palm to Saint Clare, Oil, gold, and silver on wood, German
ca. 1360
Hawking Party, Wool warp;  wool wefts, South Netherlandish
South Netherlandish
ca. 1500–1530
Roundel with Three Apes Building a Trestle Table, Colorless glass, vitreous paint and silver stain, German
Saltcellar, Gold, rock crystal, emeralds, pearls, spinel or balas rubies, French
mid-13th century
Covered Beaker, Hans Greiff  German, Silver, gilt, German
ca. 1470
Church Bell, Master Marcus  Venetian, Bronze, North Italian
ca. 1411
Mandora, Boxwood, rosewood, ebony, Italian
ca. 1420
Cog Rattle, Wood, French
15th or 16th century
Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Lives of Saint Peter and Christ, Marble, Roman
early 300s, with modern restoration
Mount for Spear Shaft, Silver-gilt, niello, Late Roman
Late Roman
ca. 400
Fragment of a Floor Mosaic with a Personification of Ktisis, Marble and glass, Byzantine
500–550, with modern restoration
Silver Bucket, Silver, Byzantine
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Norris, Michael, and Rebecca Arkenberg. 2005. Medieval Art: A Resource for Educators. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art’s teacher-training programme.