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"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2010-2012": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 70, no. 2 (Fall, 2012)

"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2010–2012"

Adlin, Jane, Maryan W. Ainsworth, Ellenor M. Alcorn, Stijn Alsteens, Ian Alteveer, Katharine B. Baetjer, Peter Barnet, Andrea J. Bayer, Yaëlle Biro, Barbara D. Boehm, Andrew Bolton, Dirk H. Breiding, Sheila Canby, John Carpenter, Elizabeth A. H. Cleland, Yassana Croizat-Glazer, Malcolm Daniel, Jayson Kerr Dobney, James David Draper, Maryam Ekhtiar, Douglas S. Eklund, Mia Fineman, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Amanda Garfinkel, Christine Giuntini, George R. Goldner, Jared D. Goss, Daniëlle O. Kisluk-Grosheide, John Guy, Navina Najat Haidar, Laura T. Harris, Maxwell K. Hearn, Seán Hemingway, Marsha Hill, Melanie Holcomb, Timothy B. Husband, Julie Jones, Kyriaki Karoglu, Peter M. Kenny, Eric Kjellgren, Harold Koda, Wolfram Koeppe, Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser, Alisa LaGamma, Donald J. La Rocca, Soyoung Lee, Denise Patry Leidy, Christopher S. Lightfoot, Charles T. Little, Constance McPhee, Joan R. Mertens, Lisa M. Messinger, Cora Michael, Asher E. Miller, J. Kenneth Moore, Jeffrey Munger, Amelia Peck, Carlos A. Picón, Marla Prather, Stuart W. Pyhrr, Brandie Ratliff, Samantha J. Rippner, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Xavier F. Salomon, Perrin Stein, Susan Alyson Stein, Anne L. Strauss, Zhixin Jason Sun, Luke Syson, Thayer Tolles, Beth Carver Wees, H. Barbara Weinberg
88 pages
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Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2010–2012

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Met Art in Publication

Vessel, Gold, Early Bronze Age
Early Bronze Age
ca. 1750–1500 BCE
Kushite king, subsequently modified, Leaded bronze, gold leaf
ca. 712–664 B.C.
Barque Sphinx, Leaded bronze
ca. 664–525 B.C.
Terracotta amphora with lid, Terracotta, Etruscan
3rd quarter of the 6th century BCE
Terracotta stamnos (jar), Painter of London B 343, Terracotta, Greek, Attic
late 6th century BCE
Gold box ring surmounted by a scarab, gold, Greek
ca. 330–310 BCE
Bronze mirror with a support in the form of a draped woman, Bronze, Greek
mid-5th century BCE
Drum, Ceramic, polychrome, Paracas
300–200 BCE
Drum, Ceramic, polychrome, Paracas
300–200 BCE
Figure-Celt Pendant, Jadeite, Guanacaste-Nicoya
1st–5th century
Marble head of Zeus Ammon, Marble, Roman
ca. 120–160 CE
Marble statuette of young Dionysos, Marble, Roman
1st–2nd century CE
Marble portrait bust of Severus Alexander, marble, Roman
ca. 230–235 CE
Fragment of Wall Hanging with confronted cocks and running dogs, Wool and linen, Coptic
4th–6th century
Enthroned Buddha Granting Boons, Gilt brass with silver and copper inlay, Pakistan (Gilgit Kingdom)
Pakistan (Gilgit Kingdom)
dated by inscription to ca. 600
Palace banquet, Unidentified artist Chinese, active late 10th–11th century, Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk, China
Double-Sided Tombstone, Marble; carved
10th century and dated 646 AH/1248–49 CE
Child Saint Sambandar, Copper alloy, India, Tamil Nadu
India, Tamil Nadu
late 11th century
Evangelists Mark and Luke, Gilded copper and glass, French
ca. 1220–30
Pommel Plate from a Saddle, Iron, gold, silver, Mongolian (Central or West Asian) or Tibetan
Mongolian (Central or West Asian) or Tibetan
13th–15th century
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