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"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2008-2010": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 68, no. 2 (Fall, 2010)

"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2008–2010"

Adlin, Jane, Maryan W. Ainsworth, Stijn Alsteens, Dorothea Arnola, Kevin J. Avery, Katharine B. Baetjer, Carmen B. Bambach, Peter Barnet, Carrie Rebora Barratt, Kim Benzel, Barbara D. Boehm, Keith Christiansen, Elizabeth A. H. Cleland, Malcolm Daniel, Jayson Kerr Dobney, James David Draper, Maryam Ekhtiar, Douglas S. Eklund, Helen C. Evans, Mia Fineman, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Daniëlle O. Kisluk-Grosheide, John Guy, Maxwell K. Hearn, Johanna Hecht, Morrison H. Heckscher, Seán Hemingway, Herbert Heyde, Marsha Hill, Timothy B. Husband, Julie Jones, Sinéad Kehoe, Eric Kjellgren, Harold Koda, Wolfram Koeppe, Alisa LaGamma, Donald La Rocca, Denise Patry Leidy, Christopher S. Lightfoot, Charles T. Little, Joan R. Mertens, Cora Michael, Asher E. Miller, J. Kenneth Moore, Jeffrey Munger, Amelia Peck, Carlos A. Picón, Marla Prather, Shannon Bell Price, Stuart W. Pyhrr, Rebecca A. Rabinow, Jan Reeder, Sabine Rewald, Catharine H. Roehrig, Marika Sardar, Perrin V. Stein, Anne L. Strauss, Zhixin Jason Sun, Gary Tinterow, Thayer Tolles, Ian Wardropper, Masako Watanabe, Beth Carver Wees
88 pages
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Philippe De Montebello

Plaque, Jade (nephrite), China
Monstrous male figure, Chlorite, calcite, gold, iron, Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex
Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex
ca. late 3rd–early 2nd millennium BCE
Stelophorous Statue of Bay, Limestone
ca. 1294–1250 B.C.
Lower Half of a Stelophorous Statue (see 66.99.94), Limestone
ca. 1294–1213 B.C.
Statue of the God Ptah, Bronze, gold leaf, glass
ca. 1070–712 B.C.
Terracotta vase in the form of a ketos (sea monster), Terracotta, Greek, Cretan or South Italian
Greek, Cretan or South Italian
2nd half of the 7th century BCE
Bottle, Head on Spout, Ceramic, post-fired paint, Paracas
ca. 6th century BCE
Alabaster alabastron (perfume vase), Alabaster, Etruscan
early 6th century BCE
Terracotta neck-amphora (jar), Princeton Group, Terracotta, Greek, Attic
ca. 540–530 BCE
Terracotta plate, Paseas, Terracotta, Greek, Attic
ca. 510 BCE
Terracotta globular cup with two handles, Terracotta, Etruscan
last quarter of the 6th century BCE
Ring, Gold, Celtic
4th century BCE
God's Wife Tagerem, daughter of the priest Imhotep, Limestone
300–250 B.C.
Marble Statue Group of the Three Graces, Marble, Roman
2nd century CE
Belt buckle and decorative plaques, Gilt bronze inlaid with glass and pearls; silk backing, China
7th century
Figure, Ceramic, Veracruz
7th–10th century
Figure, Ceramic, hematite, Veracruz
7th–10th century
Figure, Ceramic, Veracruz
7th–10th century
Buddha Expounding the Dharma, Copper alloy, Sri Lanka (Anuradhapura)
Sri Lanka (Anuradhapura)
late 8th century
The Goddess Durga Slaying the Demon Buffalo Mahisha, Brass, India (Himachal Pradesh, probably Chamba Valley)
India (Himachal Pradesh, probably Chamba Valley)
12th century
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