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The Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 18 (1983)

"Two Aspects of Islamic Arms and Armor"

Alexander, D. G.
13 pages
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David Alexander

Met Art in Publication

Turban Helmet, Steel, iron, silver, Turkish or Iranian
1478–ca. 1490
Helmet with Aventail, Steel, iron, silver, copper alloy, Turkish, in the style of Turkman armor
late 15th–16th century
Defense for the Lower Right Leg (Greave), Steel, iron, silver, gold, leather, Turkish, possibly Bursa
mid-15th century
Turban Helmet, Steel, gold, silver, Iranian
late 15th century
Shirt of Mail and Plate, Steel, iron, copper alloy, silver, Turkish, possibly Istanbul
late 15th–16th century
Dagger, Steel, ivory, gold, silver, Turkish
grip and blade, 16th century; guard, hallmarked for 1774–89
Dagger with Sheath, Steel, iron, wood, leather, gold, blade, Turkish; hilt and scabbard, European, possibly Italian
blade, mid-16th century; hilt and scabbard, probably mid-16th century
Spear Head, Steel, gold, Iranian
dated A.H. 1001/1593–94 CE
Dagger with Scabbard, Steel, copper, nephrite, agate, gemstones, colored stones, gold, silver, blade and scabbard, Turkish; hilt, probably Indian
blade and scabbard, late 19th century; hilt, 18th century

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