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Painting of multiple sheets of drawn paper pasted in rows. Small line drawings of thick lips are embedded throughout this composition


Women’s Work, Part 2

A second installment of conversations with contemporary women artists who reflect on their art and share what inspires them most in the Museum.
Abstract painting of rectangular blocks in green, pink, red, light purple and gray tones


Women’s Work, Part 1

In celebration of Women’s History Month, a selection of contemporary women artists reflect on their art and share what inspires them most in the Museum.
Print of the profile of a black woman with light blue outlines and sculptural twisted hair in front of a vibrant orange circle


Everyday Fantastical

Tanekeya Word shares the knowledge and experiences behind Starshine & Clay, a fantastical embodiment of the feelings she has about Black girlhood and Black womanhood.
Rashida Bumbray


Rashida Bumbray

Civic Practice Partnership artist-in-residence Rashida Bumbray is a performance artist, curator, choreographer, and the Director of Culture and Art at the Open Society Foundations. Her work focuses on Black urban spaces and communities, and what it means to be in a space that has layers of generational trauma.

Closeup of a handwritten name, "Dave," engraved onto a brown and yellow stone surface.


The Potters

Across the world, we find rich seams of clay—created from the perfect combination of animal, vegetable, mineral, and circumstance.
The James Van Der Zee Archive

Behind the Scenes

The James Van Der Zee Archive

James Van Der Zee, the world-renowned chronicler of Black life in New York City during the Harlem Renaissance and for decades thereafter, was a virtuoso portraitist and one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century.

The Mantuan Roundel


The Mantuan Roundel

Learn more about an extremely rare bronze relief attributed to Gian Marco Cavalli. Created around 1500, it is one of the largest and most technically sophisticated examples of a bronze roundel from the early Renaissance.

Photo of wall with hieroglyphics.


Raemkai's Tomb

If you’re mourning in New York City, there are three helpful pilgrimage sites.
Detail of Georgia O'Keeffe's painting, "From the Faraway, Nearby" with an imaginary mule deer skull and antlers levitating over a rather generalized desert landscape

On View

Revisiting “O’Keeffe Country”

Two Indigenous scholars discuss what—and who—the artist omits in her depiction of New Mexico
Amber-Dawn Bear Robe Headshot


Indigenizing Fashion with Amber-Dawn Bear Robe

The curator and art historian reflects on the significance of representation in the world of fashion.
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