Visiting Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion?

You must join the virtual exhibition queue when you arrive. If capacity has been reached for the day, the queue will close early.

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Introducing: Immaterial Season 2

Revealing the stories within, behind, and beside the materials used to make art.


A Conversation with Will Wilson

Will Wilson's photography, rooted in his upbringing on the Navajo Nation, intertwines the past, present, and future of Indigenous cultural practices.

Behind the Scenes

Follow the conservation treatment of Maria Monaci Gallenga’s “Theodosia” tea gown and learn about Gallenga’s unique vision as a textile artist and fashion designer.

MetKids Microscope

What does a cake have in common with an Italian Renaissance painting? The answer may surprise you! Watch to learn about the special properties of egg yolk that make it just as perfect for painting as it is for baking.

MetKids Microscope

Did you know that you can make paint in your very own home? In this experiment, make a glorious painting using only ingredients from your kitchen cabinet and refrigerator.

MetKids Microscope

Instead of mixing paint colors on a palette, what happens if we let our eyes do the mixing? Learn about Pointillism and how the artist Georges Seurat used the science of optics to create a whole new way of painting!

MetKids Microscope

Trick your friends with this optical illusion! Create an entire rainbow using only the primary colors — red, yellow, and blue dots.

MetKids Microscope

How Do Artworks Last for Thousands of Years?

Take a journey in The Met’s time machine and learn how some objects can last for hundreds of thousands of years!

MetKids Microscope

Have you ever noticed that some old pennies look almost…green? In this experiment, use vinegar and salt to get to the bottom of how and why pennies turn green.

Art Explained

Gain a deeper understanding of Van Gogh’s artistic process through new discoveries from recent technical studies of Wheat Field with Cypresses and Cypresses in The Met collection. Hear from Museum experts about how these examinations have enriched our understanding of Van Gogh’s materials and process and shed light on his artistic vision.

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