Take a deeper look at the historical and contemporary processes used to make art, like drawing, printmaking, sculpture, multimedia, and more.

The Making of a Bronze Statue, 1922

How do you make a monument? Produced by the Museum in 1922, this short film follows the American artist Alexander Phimister Proctor’s process of sculpting Theodore Roosevelt.

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with Chinese Calligraphy

Grab your brush and ink and give calligraphy a try to commemorate the Lunar New Year!

Cubist painting of a violin, sheet music, newspaper, wine bottle, and glasses in blue, black, tan, and white tones

The Visual Games of Juan Gris

How the artist’s unorthodox techniques fool and delight the eye

Detail of a jar made by the enslaved potter Dave (later known as David Drake).

Examining Storage Jars from the American South

Scientific research on food residue found in nineteenth-century stoneware vessels produced by enslaved artisans sheds light on the contents once stored inside.

Paul Klee: "In the Magic Kitchen"

Join scholar Charles W. Haxthausen as he explores the variety of artist Paul Klee’s practice and reflects on its art-historical implications.

Conserving the King Arthur Tapestry

Follow the conservation treatment of “King Arthur” from the “Nine Heroes Tapestries” series, among the oldest in The Met’s collection.

The Bechers in Ohio, 1987

Watch a silent film of the photographer couple, Bernd and Hilla Becher, on a road trip through the American heartland.

A Picasso Sketchbook: Fantasy and Reality

In his inaugural talk at The Met, scholar Neil Cox explores Picasso’s Sketchbook No. 26, which the artist kept until his death. Deciphering written notes and Cubist drawings, Cox reveals Picasso’s drawing processes and explores connections with his other sketchbooks, paintings, drawings, and sculptures from around 1913.

17th century etching of two peasant card players and a skeleton representing death

Immaterial: Bonus Episode, Tarot

Grab a cup of tea and join us for a bonus episode on tarot.
A metallic black and gold texture

Immaterial: Metals, Part Two

Let’s talk about the metals that break the rules.
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