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Public Space

These articles highlight art in public places and the art of public spaces.

Flowers and Gardens, 1982

Flowers are more than merely decorative. People throughout time have used them as storytelling devices.

The Met’s Art at Your Place? Instagram AR Brings It Home.

Get a first look at a new AR filter Met visitors can use on Instagram to view objects from the collection in their own home.

Dwellings, 1974—The Art of Charles Simonds

Since the 1970s, the artist Charles Simonds has created enigmatic dwellings for an imaginary civilization of “Little People.”

Architecture of Transcendence, 1988

This atmospheric short film presents the many wonders of France’s Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais, from its intricate stained glass to its soaring, vaulted interior.

Héctor Zamora: Lattice Detour

Zamora discusses Lattice Detour, his 2020 Rooftop Commission.

Marcel Breuer seated at a table; The exterior of the Met Breuer at night.

How Do You Say Goodbye to a Building? Remembering Four Busy Years at The Met Breuer

Executive producer Nina Diamond fondly reflects on Marcel Breuer's remarkable building's time as The Met Breuer.

In the Street, 1948—A Film by Helen Levitt, ft. New Musical Score by Ben Model

Filmed in East Harlem just after the end of World War II, In the Street is a dynamic, tender, and often humorous portrait of life in New York City.

Arts Awareness, 1972

“We discovered that art history was not the best handle by which to reach a kid.”

Art in Public Places, 1973

“It seems funny to say it, but long before there was an ‘art world,’ there was art in the world.”

The Cathedral of Chartres, 1970

This lyrical portrait of the Cathedral of Chartres was produced for the 1970 exhibition The Year 1200, a centerpiece of The Met’s centennial celebration.

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